Vodafone mobile broadband review

Although Vodafone boasts of a 14.4Mbits/sec network in selected cities, it’s abundantly apparent that it fails to get close to that headline rate – even in our central London testbed. That said, it’s a clear leader in terms of nationwide speed, according to the thousands of tests conducted on Thinkbroadband.com, being the only network to offer a median throughput in excess of 1Mbit/sec.

Vodafone mobile broadband review

Our top recorded speed of 2.5Mbits/sec is only middling compared to rival networks, however, suggesting Vodafone sensibly concentrates on consistency rather than outright speed.

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Vodafone’s Mobile Connect Lite software is the most impressive of the bundled packages, with alarms to warn you when you’re creeping towards your data cap, integration with your VPN software, and a decent device manager.

Such speed and sophisticated software come at a price, however. The cheapest contract package is £15 per month (£5 for the first three months) for two years, which includes 3GB of data and 2GB of online backup storage space. The Top Up and Go package is no cheaper: £35 buys a modem and 3GB of data that lasts for only 30 days. Subsequent top-ups cost £15 for 3GB – the same as the contract deal.

Overall rating: 4/6

Maximum speed recorded: 2.5Mbits/sec

Median speed: 1.2Mbits/sec

Modem tested: ZTE K3520-Z

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