Windows 7 vs Ubuntu 10.04: Final scores

Our overall scores show a narrow victory for Windows 7. Does that mean we urge you to remain firmly entrenched in the Windows camp? Most certainly not.

Windows vs Linux: final scores

While the occasional need to resort to a command line interface, the odd glitch, and the incomplete support for popular pieces of hardware such as the iPhone make it difficult to recommend Ubuntu 10.04 as an outright Windows replacement on your main home PC, we’d have no hesitation in endorsing it for dual-boot or secondary PCs.

One member of the PC Pro team has installed Ubuntu alongside Windows on his home laptop so his children can surf the web without the risk of them wreaking havoc with rogue downloads on the main OS. It’s also an ideal way to breathe new life into an old PC without having to go through the rigmarole of a Windows install, with its serial numbers, online activation and tardy setup.

Ubuntu also has money-saving potential for businesses that have PCs acting as little more than web terminals, provided staff are open-minded enough not to be deterred by an unusual interface and as long as the business doesn’t rely on Windows-only apps.

What gives us most hope, though, is the maturity of the Ubuntu OS and its rate of progress. With services such as the Ubuntu One online synchronisation and the Ubuntu One music store, Ubuntu has integrated services into its OS that are optional extras in Windows. And with a new version of Ubuntu never more than six months away, more new features are just around the corner.

Ubuntu is clearly an operating system on the rise. If we repeat this feature in a year’s time, will it have closed the gap? We wouldn’t bet against it.

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