How to get your data from eBay

EBay provides a goldmine of personal information that could be of use to anyone looking to build a profile of you from your online activity.

How to get your data from eBay

Not only is your user ID displayed, but it’s linked to your eBay activity and so reveals your bids, purchases, items for sale and so on.

In fact, eBay provides an incredibly detailed picture of your tastes and habits through your bidding history.

How to reclaim your data

If you log into your eBay account, most of your personal information can be edited – change it to something less identifiable.

Obviously, there’s only so far you can go: when entering into a sales transaction, a certain amount of verifiable transparency with regards to your identity is required to prevent fraud.

If you no longer wish to use eBay, you can request your account is closed, and eBay will remove your personal information from public view.

You should note, however, that while your feedback profile will no longer be available to members, the feedback you’ve left for others will remain.

How to get your data from:


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