The ten most iconic Google doodles

Charlie Chaplin

Google took a different approach on 16 April this year, with a YouTube video paying homage to the life of Charlie Chaplin on what would have been his 122nd birthday.

Fittingly, the video is black-and-white and depicts a silent comedy sketch featuring the word Google at numerous stages.

Earth Day

Trying its hand at interaction once again, Google celebrated the 41st annual Earth Day on 22 April 2011, with a tranquil scene controllable by mouse.

Scrolling across the image animated the various animals, and once activated, the waterfall would continue to run.

Google Earth Day

Google Instant Search

Google unveiled a colourful yet frantic animation in September last year – and left people guessing what it meant.

The traditional Google logo was made up of individual particles, and a drag of the mouse across the image would send each circle hurtling across the screen, only to quickly reform the original shape once movement stopped.

Much speculation surrounded the hidden meaning of this doodle, but Google later claimed it merely represented the introduction of its ‘instant search’.

Google Instant

Les Paul Guitar

This week Google paid glorious tribute to guitar legend Les Paul. Switch your speakers on and stroke your mouse across the strings of the guitar-shaped doodle, and it plays a pleasing chord.

Hit the keyboard icon, and the doodle becomes ‘activated’ rendering any key press as a strum of the guitar, with each string providing a different pitch.

It’s rumoured that certain words create specific chords, although we were unable to find anything melodic except for the name of the legend himself.

Google Les Paul

These are only a few of the doodles showcasing Google’s creative talent, and many other impressive editions have missed the list.

The full archive is hosted online, dating back to 1998, on the Google Doodles site.

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