How to Get Command Codes in FGO

Fate/Grand Order cards affect how your Servants fight in a battle, but they’re not always highly effective. To improve gameplay, the developers introduced the Command Code system, with which players can permanently improve a Servant’s Command Cards.

How to Get Command Codes in FGO

If you’re wondering how to get some Command Codes for yourself, you’re in luck. These items aren’t too hard to obtain if you play the game regularly. We’ll also teach you how to engrave your Command Cards and even remove the Command Codes.

FGO How to Get Command Codes?

Before we discuss obtaining Command Codes, you should familiarize yourself with them. Understanding what they do will make using them much more accessible.

What Are Command Codes?

Command Codes are cards themselves, though you can’t use them directly in a fight. Instead, they serve as upgrades to the Command Cards Servants use when in combat. These are the cards labeled Buster, Quick, or Arts.

You use a combination of these three card types to chain together powerful attacks, but with the help of Command Codes, these cards gain permanent bonuses as long as they’re engraved. For example, the Legendary Beast of the Grove Command Code inflicts curses on opponents for three turns.

Command Codes come in different rarities, from one to five stars. The more starts a Command Code has, the more expensive it is to engrave on a Command Card. Here are the costs

  • One star: 100,000 Quantum Pieces (QP)
  • Two stars: 200,000 QP
  • Three stars: 300,000 QP
  • Four stars: 500,000 QP
  • Five stars: 1 million QP

You can also remove Command Codes and engrave them on other Command Cards. This action will require additional items, and we’ll get into that later.

If you have extra Command Codes, you can burn them for Mana Prisms and some QP.

Getting Command Codes

There are four main ways to obtain Command Codes. Let’s take a look at all of them:

  • Friend Point Summon

Friend Points (FP) are a unique currency that you can use to summon Command Codes. You gain FP when you choose a support Servant and play in a quest, or if another player picks your Support as their supporting Servant.

You gain 10 FP from choosing Supports, not on your friend list. The amount increases to 25 if the player is your friend. If you play Main Quests and use NPC support servants, you earn 200 FP.

Other than several Servants and Craft Essences, there are 10 Command Codes to summon with FP. Most have two stars, but a few are one-star items.

  • Da Vinci’s Workshop

The Rare Prism Exchange section of Da Vinci’s Workshop has many powerful wares. Here, you can spend Rare Prisms on Command Codes. However, they’re not renewable unless an update makes it so.

There are four Command Codes in the Rare Prism Exchange, but you can only buy them during events. Moreover, only one copy of each was sold in the shop when the events came and went.

  • Time-Limited Events

Certain Time-Limited Events reward you with Command Codes in shops. One such example is the Lynchpin of Heaven Command Code. It was a reward in Battle of New York 2018, and as of writing time, the event is being rerun.

As with other rerun events, if you didn’t manage to get the older rewards, you have a chance of obtaining them now. In 2021, you may get one copy of Lynchpin of Heaven today if you missed it previously. If you already received it in the past, it won’t be available to you anymore.

  • Playing in Campaigns

In FGO, the word “Campaign” doesn’t refer to the main story. Instead, Campaigns are special events that the developers release to celebrate milestones. Playing in these missions will net you generous rewards, even if you just logged in.

The Fate/Grand Order ~5th Anniversary~Campaign’s Command Code reward was Crest of Titan’s Pit. It was a Memorial Quest drop.

Engraving Command Codes on Command Cards

Knowing how to engrave your Command Cards can lead to new strategies and improved teams. Here’s what you must do to engrave your Cards:

  1. Obtain a Command Code and corresponding Code Opener.
  2. Unlock the Command Card with the Code Opener.
  3. Pick the Command Code you wish to engrave on the Command Card.
  4. Use the Command Code.
  5. Now, your Command Card will receive bonus effects.

The Command Code, Command Card, and Code Opener must all be of the same type. You can’t mix Buster and Arts Codes and Openers. Take care to purchase the proper Code Openers.

You can instantly replace Command Codes two stars and lower, but doing so deletes the first one.

All players can remove Command Codes even after engraving, and you can do this as long as you can afford the costs. Formerly, the process required Code Removers, but in August 2020, these items were made practically obsolete. Switching and removing Command Codes is now free.

Healing While Attacking

Command Codes can make your Servants much more versatile, especially if you enjoy experimenting. You’ll eventually get lots of low-rank copies to experiment with, and you can also burn extras. Thankfully, the system received an improvement, making swapping cheaper and more accessible.

What’s your rarest Command Code? Do you think the removal of Code Removers is a good thing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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