What is Your Amazon Fire Stick Input Channel?

Maybe you just finished setting up your Firestick device for the first time, and now you want to start binging some shows. However, you can’t seem to figure out what input channel to select to access your Firestick.

What is Your Amazon Fire Stick Input Channel?

Not to worry, as finding out what the correct input channel is couldn’t be simpler. This guide will help you both find and label your Firestick input channel. That way, you won’t mistake it ever again.

In addition, you’ll also find detailed instructions for setting up your device, in case you’re experiencing any problems.

Finding the Input channel

To find out the input channel for your Firestick, you just have to look at the back of your TV.

Firesticks connect to the TV by using an HDMI cable. Newer TVs usually have multiple HDMI slots, usually two or three. Here’s how to figure out which one you’re connected to:

  1. Follow the HDMI cable from your Firestick to the TV.
  2. Above or under the cable, you should see the name of the slot. It will say HDMI + the number of the slot.
  3. That’s it. You just have to find the same name when you choose the input channel.

Labeling the Input channel

If the back of your TV is hard to reach, and you don’t want to go through all that hassle again, do the following:

  1. Select the Firestick device input in the menu. It’s the one you previously read on the back of your TV.
  2. Press the Menu Button.
  3. Select Change Device Name.
  4. Label it however you want. You should probably include word Firestick, making it easier to identify.

Setting Up Your Firestick

Before you can start setting anything up, you’ll need to check if you have all the necessary requirements.

  1. An HDTV, that comes with at least one HDMI slot. Older TVs don’t have an HDMI slot, but you can get an HDMI to Composite adapter to connect them.
  2. Strong Wi-Fi, as you’ll be streaming high-resolution media. Firestick doesn’t come with its own internet connection.
  3. An Amazon account. If you ordered your FireStick device from Amazon, the device should come pre-registered with your account.

Connecting the Firestick to the TV

  1. Find the micro-USB slot of your FireStick. Plug the USB power cable into the slot.
  2. Plug the other side of the power cable to the Power Adapter.
  3. Insert the Power Adapter to a power source.
  4. Insert the Firestick cable into an HDMI slot of your TV. Remember which HDMI slot it was, so you can select the correct input later.
  5. Switch on your TV.
  6. Select the appropriate HDMI Input Channel using your remote. Since it’s the first time setting up, it will take a couple of minutes to load.

Setting Up Your Remote

  1. Place batteries inside the remote. You should get a couple of Triple-A batteries with your device.

The remote will auto-pair with your device. If it can’t auto pair:

  1. Press and hold Home on your remote. Hold it for about ten seconds. This will initiate Discovery Mode on your device, and it will pair up with the remote.
  2. Press the Play/Pause button. This will begin the set-up in a new window.
  3. You can now select the language.
  4. Scroll through the menu with the navigation buttons to find your language.
  5. Press Select/OK to confirm your selection. The button is located in the middle of the navigation buttons.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

Your device will begin looking for available Wi-Fi connections. If your device can’t find any networks you have to put the device closer to the router.


  1. Select the appropriate Wi-Fi from the listed networks.
  2. Enter the Wi-Fi password if needed.

Register to Amazon

Your FireStick should already be registered to the Amazon account you purchased it with.

  1. Press “I am new to Amazon”. Select this option if the device isn’t registered or you want to register using another account, otherwise:
  2. Press “I already have an Amazon account”.
  3. The registration process will take a couple of seconds.

Final Steps

Saving the Wi-Fi Password

  1. Press Yes if you want your device to quickly connect to your Wi-Fi. This is only useful in case you have multiple devices on the same account.
  2. Press No if you have only one device.

Enabling Parental Controls

  1. Press Enable Parental Controls, if you have kids and you want to limit what they can watch. A new window will open.
  2. Select your PIN. You’ll have to enter this number every time you want to access something on your Firestick. Remember or write down the PIN and keep it away from your child.
  3. Otherwise, press No Parental Controls.

Choosing Apps/Streaming Services

  1. A new window will appear.
  2. Press Get Started if you want to choose the services right away. Some are free, some you have to pay to install.
  3. Otherwise, select No Thanks.

Everything’s Set!

All that’s left now is to choose your favorite streaming services, before bingeing on your favorite TV Shows.

Did you find this guide helpful? Tell us in the comments section below!

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