How to Fish in Terraria

Apart from the action-packed features available on every corner of Terraria, you can also take part in many peaceful activities in this wondrous world. A favorite soothing pastime of many Terraria players is fishing. There are ample opportunities for you to sit on the shore, cast your line, and wait for the fish to take the bait. What is more, you even can angle in other liquids, such as lava and honey, and experience a unique adventure.

How to Fish in Terraria

You also get to complete various fishing quests and earn excellent rewards for your efforts. To do that, you’ll first need to learn how to fish.

In this article, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on all fishing intricacies in Terraria and give you lots of tips on how to make the most of your angling.

How to Fish in Terraria on a Ps4?

To get your angling adventure underway, you first need to find an appropriate body of water. It needs to have a minimum depth of 75 connected tiles. The width of the pond or lake is irrelevant. Even if the spot is just one tile wide, you’ll still be able to fish in it if it’s 75 tiles deep.

Once you’ve found the ideal spot, you can start fishing:

  1. Approach the water and stand close to its surface. Make sure that you’re not standing in the water or you won’t be able to catch fish. However, fishing is allowed in some other unusual circumstances, such as riding mounted slimes or flying.
  2. Go to your inventory.
  3. Place your fishing rod in the hot bar.
  4. Choose some bait and put it in an ammo slot below the inventory.
  5. With your fishing rod and bait equipped, select the rod in the hot bar.
  6. Cast the line by positioning the cursor on top of the water and pressing your action button.
  7. You’ll know that a fish has taken the bait when the bobber starts moving. When that happens, press your action button again to put the fish in the inventory. 

How to Fish in Terraria on an Android Device?

Fishing on an Android device works almost the same way. The only difference is the controls:

  1. Find a body of water that’s 75 blocks deep and approach the surface.
  2. Open the inventory and put your fishing rod in the hot bar.
  3. While the inventory is open, pick your bait. Put it in your ammo slot just below the inventory.
  4. Select your fishing rod in the hot bar.
  5. Tap the water to cast the line.
  6. Wait for the bobber to go underwater.
  7. Tap the water again to reel the fish in and place it in the inventory.

How to Fish in Terraria on an iPhone?

The process is identical on your iPhone:

  1. Approach a lake, pond, or ocean that’s at least 75 continuous tiles deep.
  2. Stand near the surface. Don’t forget that you can’t be in the water.
  3. Launch the inventory.
  4. Find your fishing rod and place it in the hot bar.
  5. Find some bait in the inventory, select it, and drag it to an ammo slot below the inventory.
  6. Choose the fishing rod from the hot bar.
  7. Start fishing by tapping the water.
  8. You’ll know that there’s a catch once the bobber is moving. Now, tap the water once more to reel in the fish and put it in the inventory.

How to Fish in Terraria on a PC?

Fishing on your PC is just as simple as on other platforms. The main requirement remains the same – you need to find an adequate body of water with a minimum depth is 75 continuous tiles. After finding the right spot, you can start angling:

  1. Stand right next to the water.
  2. Go to the inventory and put a fishing rod in the hot bar. While you’re there, pick some bait and put it in your ammo slot below the inventory.
  3. Once all the gear has been equipped, select your fishing rod from the hot bar.
  4. Cast the line by placing your cursor atop the water and clicking it.
  5. Wait for the fish to start dragging the bobber. When you see that it moving, click the water to add the fish to your inventory.

How to Fish in Terraria in Lava?

Terraria doesn’t limit players to only fish in water. You can also angle in other liquids, such as lava. Best of all, fishing in lava comes with outstanding rewards, such as the Obsidian Swordfish you can use to create spears.

However, since fishing in lava takes place in extreme conditions, you’ll need to meet certain requirements:

  • Obtain a Hotline Fishing Hook fishing pole. You can do this by completing at least 25 fishing quests.
  • Acquire the right bait, such as Lavafly, Magma Snails, or Hell Butterflies. You can only get this bait in the underworld, and you’ll need a golden or lava-proof bug net to catch it.
  • Find a lava-proof fishing hook. You can get it in Hellstone or Obsidian crates, and it allows you to angle with any fishing pole and any bait.

With all the necessary gear in your inventory, it’s time to start lava fishing:

  1. Find a body of lava that’s at least 75 tiles deep.
  2. Move your character near the lava’s surface.
  3. Access the inventory and place the Hotline Fishing Hook fishing pole in the hot bar.
  4. Select Hell Butterflies, Magma Snails, or Lavafly as your bait and place it in an ammo slot.
  5. Close the inventory and select the Hotline Fishing Hook from the hot bar.
  6. Put the cursor atop the lava and click the lava to cast the line.
  7. When the bobber starts moving, click the lava again to place the fish in your inventory.

Additional FAQs

To find out even more useful tips about fishing in Terraria, check out the following FAQs section.

What Is the Best Fishing Pole in Terraria?

The best fishing pole in Terraria is the Golden Fishing Rod. It’s the strongest fishing rod, and you can obtain it upon completing one of the quests for the Angler. While it works for any adequate body of water, you can’t fish in lava using the Golden Fishing Rod. The pole was added to the game in version 1.2.4, and since version, players have been able to acquire the rod after completing 30 quests instead of 50.

How to Get Fishing Bait in Terraria

There are various types of bait for Terraria anglers. For instance, you can find jungle baits, grasshoppers, and worms by demolishing background objects (e.g., herbs and mushrooms) on Terraria’s surface. The surface includes the Jungle, Corruption, Crimson, Snow, Hallow, Forests, Deserts, and Ocean biomes.

To farm bait efficiently, make sure to wear the Flower Boots. You can use them on any grass type with plants that spawn critters. Here’s how to use your Flower Boots:

• Stand in one place and repeatedly crush the flowers under your feet. Players can also fire flares at the grass. Whatever you choose, the boots will cause new flowers to grow immediately, providing you with a stable source of bait.

• Run across the grass with your boots, remove them, and destroy flowers.

While this is a significantly slower method, it’s the only one that lets you produce bait without using natural creature spawns.

You should also focus on catching Fireflies. They can be found at night and tend to fly close to NPC houses in large numbers. The biomes where you can track them down include the Forest and the Hallow. In the former habitat, players will encounter Lightning Bugs, the superior version of Fireflies with 15% more bait power.

The Fireflies’ spawn rate is determined randomly every night. As a result, you’ll find massive swarms during some nights, whereas other nights won’t be that conducive to catching bait. Additionally, you can find a large number of fireflies during the moon’s new moon phase. However, they don’t spawn when it’s raining.

You can increase their spawn rate by constructing a high platform. Since terrestrial creatures will have no place to appear, you’ll see more Fireflies emerging. When catching them, try to build interconnected platforms or use wings to expedite the process.

Another easy way to collect plenty of bait is to catch worms. They are located in the Forest biome, but they only appear where it’s raining onto grass, so avoid overhanging constructions. The simplest method to find worms is to simply walk around Terraria when it’s raining and collect them from the ground.

You can also catch a larger number of worms (dozens a day) by trapping them in holes at the border of flat areas. Make sure that the hole’s width is a minimum of two tiles, otherwise, you won’t be able to stand and swing your bug net.

What Are Some Terraria Fishing Quests?

You can complete as many as 200 fishing quests for the Angler. Here are just some types of fish he can ask you to catch and the biomes where you can find them:

• Amanita Fungifin – the Glowing Mushroom Biome

• Angelfish – Forest

• Bumblebee Tuna – any biome, but you must catch it from honey.

• Bonefish – Forest

• Bunnyfish – Forest

• Cursedfish – Corruption

• Clownfish – Ocean

• Demonic Hellfish – Forest

• The Fish of Cthulhu -Forest

• Fallen Starfish – Forest

Terraria Is an Angler’s Paradise

With hundreds of species to fish in Terraria, you’ll hardly find a more diverse place to cast your line. Now you know what it takes to angle in this majestic world. After obtaining the perfect fishing rod and finding some bait, all you need to do is find a body of water that’s deep enough for your angling adventure. From there, it’s merely a matter of patience, just like real-life fishing.

How many fish have you caught in Terraria? What’s your favorite fishing spot? Tell us in the comments section below.

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