10 hottest products for Millennials – ResMed S+ Sleep tracker

What is it?

We’re only just beginning to understand the importance of sleep to your overall health, but making sure that you have enough quality rest is obviously important. The ResMed S+ is a brilliant way of tracking how well you sleep, and – importantly – improving it too.

10 hottest products for Millennials - ResMed S+ Sleep tracker

Why should you buy it?

The ResMed S+ is a strange looking cube mounted in a small hollow metal tower which sits on your bedside table and observes your breathing and movement to analyse your sleep, without you having to strap anything to your wrist. When you wake up, you’ll get a full report of how you performed when you were out of it, with tips on how to get better. It looks a bit like a prop from a bad science fiction TV show, but it really does do the job.

It measures breathing and movement through low-power radio waves (a tenth of the strength of Bluetooth, according to ResMed) meaning clothes and duvets are no bar to its effectiveness. On top of that, the cube contains a microphone, a light sensor and a temperature sensor. This isn’t to help you get to sleep, but to take a measure of your environment and plot that data against when you tend to get your best shuteye, so you can tweak your environment through heating or air conditioning to get things just so.

Every night you sync your smartphone to the S+, and the little light will go green. You then fill out a short survey about your day, saying how stressed you were on a scale of one to four, how many hours of exercise you did, how much caffeine you had and how many alcoholic drinks you downed. This data can be charted against your sleep patterns in a table so you can see how much of an impact each metric has.

There’s two great things about the ResMed S+. First, we found it far more accurate than wrist-based trackers in measuring whether you’re awake or asleep. Wrist trackers work via your motion, and so if you’re the kind of person who lies still while not yet asleep, it will overestimate the amount of sleep you’re getting. Second, the survey is a clever bit of social engineering which forces you to think about your behaviour and how that affects sleep. And that behaviour-changing element is what will help you sleep better, even more than the technology. If you want great sleep, this is the device to get.

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