How to Fix Lights in Among Us

No Among Us players like getting assigned electrical tasks. Fixing lights is included in the category of dangerous activities. Many Imposters will try and kill Crewmates in the middle of these duties.

How to Fix Lights in Among Us

If you’re wondering how to fix lights in Among Us, you’re in the right place. We’ll guide you through the process and talk about what you should know. After this, you should be an expert in fixing these pesky lights.

How to Fix the Lights in Among Us?

In a game of Among Us, Imposters can choose to sabotage the lights. Crewmates have to rush to an electrical panel to fix the lights. Here’s how the process goes:

  1. When the “Fix Lights” sabotage appears on screen, rush to the nearest panel.
  2. Interact with the panel.
  3. A panel of five electrical switches will appear in front of you.
  4. Some of them will be off while others are on. Your job is to turn all of them on.
  5. When you manage to flip all the switches back on, the lights are fixed.
  6. The panel will disappear and you can go on playing the game.

During this sabotage, Imposters can also flip switches off, but this might endanger them. All players share the same panel during the sabotage, so you can all flip the switch off by accident again. You’ll have to be quick to flip all switches back on if this happens.

The sabotage causes Crewmates’ vision to decrease, reducing the field of view. This can be adjusted in options, but most players tend to leave it so the lights make it harder to see.

A lot of Crewmates dread fixing the lights, as there are vents nearby. Impostors can pop out and kill them instantly before escaping. The panel also consumes a large portion of the screen, obscuring the Impostor from the Crewmate’s view.

Crewmates will find it difficult to be accountable to each other as well. The darkness will make everything confusing for them to identify who walked past. During the discussion phase, it makes identifying the Impostor much more difficult.

As there are four maps in Among Us, the panels are located in different areas. It’s up to you to memorize the map so you can fix the lights quickly.

  • The Skeld
    The location for fixing the lights on The Skeld is in Electrical. This is the only location to fix the lights, so beware of Impostors.
    MIRA HQ’s location for fixing the lights is Office. Impostors will often try to snag a kill nearby.
  • Polus
    Similar to The Skeld, Polus’s location is also named Electrical. With limited vision just like the two maps above, Impostors will sneak past Crewmates easier.
  • The Airship
    The airship is special in that there are three locations. They are Cargo Bay, Gap Room, and Viewing Deck. Because this map is larger, you’re comparatively safer, though you still have to be careful.

You can go there with another Crewmate to ensure your safety. Even if one of you gets killed, you can report the body and reveal who the Impostor is. Going to Electrical alone isn’t the best idea unless there are few Crewmates left.

Before you go, it’s better to establish accountability by finding out who’s really a Crewmate and knowing who can vouch for you. You never know if the Impostor might frame you and fool everyone else.

Only one location has to have its lights fixed, so the moment any Crewmate succeeds, the Sabotage is averted.

How to Turn Off Lights in Among Us?

If you happen to be an Impostor, you can choose to sabotage the lights. The Sabotage button or ‘’R’’ button on Nintendo Switch will allow you to pick the option.

  1. Press the Sabotage button.
  2. From the list, select the electrical symbol.
  3. Wait for panic and chaos to ensue while going around trying to kill Crewmates.

The level of vision Crewmates have during the Fix Lights sabotage depends on how much the settings allow for. If the settings grant Crewmates high vision, then this sabotage won’t be very effective for killing. As an Impostor, you should be aware of the settings and their fields of view so that you can sneak past and net a kill.

Electrical rooms offer easy kills for many Impostors. All Electrical tasks are time-consuming and reduce peripheral vision. The vents make your entry and exit even easier and swifter. It can be said that the room was designed to help Impostors kill.

During a Fix Lights Sabotage, no one can press the emergency button to call a meeting. Only after the sabotage is resolved can the button be used. Until then, Crewmates have to figure out how to survive and handle the lights.

There is a 30-second cooldown for Impostors before they can start another Sabotage. During this period, you should try to blend in and figure out the best person to kill next.

While the emergency button can’t be pressed during a Fix Lights Sabotage, anyone can still report a body. This will temporarily pause the Sabotage and allow players to discuss who to kick. However, this won’t resolve Fix Lights, and Crewmates still have to get to Electrical.

Can the Impostor Fix the Lights in Among Us?

Yes, they can. This is a great way to avoid suspicion from others. You can use the Crewmates’ trust to your advantage and then sneak in some kills in the future.

Maybe you can sabotage the lights again after a while and this time, actually kill a Crewmate. The possibilities are endless.

Other than fixing lights, Impostors can also fix other Sabotages. Use this confusion to your advantage and you just might be able to fool everyone.

Fix the Lights or Lose!

Now that you’re an expert at fixing lights in Among Us, you don’t have to be scared of Impostors. If you’re an Impostor, you might have gained some new ideas from our article too. Make use of this information to your benefit.

Do you get scared when the lights are sabotaged? What’s the worst that happened to you when the lights died? Let us know in the comments section below!

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