Galaxy S8/S8+ – How to Backup

What is the best way to back up your Galaxy S8/S8+? You can store your phone data on your computer, or you can upload it to one of your accounts. Some users like to use both options at the same time.

Galaxy S8/S8+ - How to Backup

Computer backups are secure and they’re free. They’re also convenient, as you’re unlikely to run out of storage space on your desktop or laptop.

If you decide to use cloud storage, you can access your data from any device, and there is no need to bother with USB cables. You can make these backups automatic, so that they’re never out of date. Cloud storage is usually free too, but you may need to pay for extra storage space.

Creating a PC Backup

If you want to store your data on your computer, here is the best way to do it.

  1. Install Smart Switch on Your Computer

Smart Switch is a Samsung app that’s designed to make file transfers and backups easier. To install it on your Windows or Mac, download the .exe file here and then click through the installation process.

  1. Open Smart Switch

  2. Connect Your Phone to Your Computer

You can connect your devices with a USB cable.

  1. Give Your Computer Access to Your Phone Data

From your phone, grant permission for data transfer.

  1. Select Backup

On the computer, click on Backup.

This will copy your files to your computer. You can choose to back up everything at once, or you can select which type of data you want to save. For example, you can back up your contacts without copying all of your photos.

Backup to Your Google Account

You can use various online storage platforms for this type of backup. Here is a step-by-step guide for backing up your data to your Google account.

  1. Go Into Settings

Swipe up or down from the home screen to get to your apps. The Settings app has a gear icon.

  1. Select Cloud and Accounts/ Accounts

Here you have a list of every account associated with your phone. Scroll to your Google account.

  1. Select Your Preferred Google Account

Now, you can choose which type of data to back up, such as your app data, calendar, and contacts. You can also back up your music, photos, and videos.

Tick the boxes next to the data that you want to save.

  1. Tap on More

This option is on the upper right corner of your screen.

  1. Select Sync Now

This will back up everything immediately. If you keep the boxes ticked, it will also periodically sync the data on your phone and your Google account.

Third-Party Apps

There are various kinds of third-party apps for making backups. For example, Super Backup Pro makes it easy to back up your data to an SD card. Some apps, like the Titanium Track, are designed specifically for root users.

While these apps aren’t necessary, they can make organization easier for you.

A Final Thought

Creating secure backups doesn’t take too long, and it can easily become a part of your routine. It’s a relief to know that you can access your photos, your contacts, and your calendar entries even if your phone gets misplaced or damaged.

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