Galaxy S8/S8+ How to Change Language

Changing the language on your phone can be quite useful if you are bilingual or learning a new tongue. And there are plenty of languages to choose from on your Galaxy S8/S8+. In addition, these software tweaks are super easy.

 Galaxy S8/S8+ How to Change Language

You can also get a custom keyboard to match your language preferences. This is quite helpful for languages such as Chinese and Arabic. Either way, we’ve compiled a simple step-by-step guide for how to change language on the Galaxy S8 or S8+.

Changing the System Language

1. Go to Settings

Tap Settings on your Home screen and swipe to General Management.

2. Hit Language and Input

Select Language and Input under General Management to access the language settings.

3. Tap Language

This action reveals the default language on your phone. Select Add Language to add to it.

4. Select Your Preferred Language

Browse the list of available languages and tap on the one you wish to add. With some languages like Spanish and French, you also get an option to choose the region (regional dialect).

5. Choose Set As Default

A pop-up window will appear asking if you’d like to set the language as default. If you don’t want it to be the default language, tap on Keep Current. Hitting Set As Default switches the phone to the language you’ve chosen.

How to Delete a Language

If you think you no longer need one of the languages on your list, you can easily delete them. Take the following path:

Settings > Language and Input > Language

Long press the language that you want to delete and check the circle in front of it, then hit Remove in the upper right corner. Tap OK to confirm and your phone will revert to the previous default language.

Changing Keyboard Language

Having a keyboard that matches your language preferences can come in handy. This goes double for languages that use special characters or non-Latin fonts. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Swipe Downward from the Top of the Screen

Select the Settings icon from the Quick Settings menu and go to General Management.

2. Choose Language and Input

Tap Virtual Keyboard under Language and Input, then select Samsung Keyboard.

3. Hit Language and Types

The following window displays your current keyboard settings. Tap Manage Input Languages to make a change and select Agree.

4. Toggle On the Keyboard that You Want to Use

Simply tap on the button to turn on the keyboard or browse for more and download them to your phone.

Switching between different keyboards is easy. Just swipe left or right on the Spacebar and the keyboard will switch to your preferred language.

El Fin

You are always a few taps away from setting up a new language on your Galaxy S8 or S8+. It’s just as easy to choose a matching keyboard.

So, what languages and keyboards do you use on your phone? Write a comment below and let us know your preferences.

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