Galaxy S8/S8+ – How to Change Lock Screen?

Making some Lock screen changes allows you to add a personal touch to your Galaxy S8/S8+. The usual way to personalize the Lock screen is with a custom wallpaper, but that’s not the only thing you can do.

Galaxy S8/S8+ - How to Change Lock Screen?

You can change the clock style, install a theme for a special look, or change the Lock screen timeout. In addition, you can hide Lock screen notifications for privacy.

These Lock screen hacks are easy to apply, so read on.

Change the Lock Screen Clock

If you are not happy with the way the default clock looks on your Galaxy’s Lock screen, changing to another style is plain sailing. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Access Settings

Tap on the Settings app, then select Lock Screen and Security.

2. Hit Always ON Display

Select Always ON Display under Lock Screen and Security, then choose Digital Clock

3. Choose the Style You Prefer

The feature is conveniently named Clock Styles and there are a few different layouts/designs.

Get a Custom Wallpaper

Changing the wallpaper is the easiest way to give your phone a custom feel. These are the steps to follow:

1. Press and hold an Empty Space

Hold until you see the Home screen options.

2. Hit Wallpapers and Themes

Browse for your preferred wallpaper and tap to select it.

3. Select Lock Screen

A pop-up menu appears as soon as you tap on a wallpaper. Choose Lock screen and confirm by selecting Set as Wallpaper.

Disable Lock Screen Notifications

As hinted, disabling notifications can give you some extra privacy and remove clutter from your Lock screen. If you want to keep the notifications, you can perhaps just change the transparency.

1. Go to Settings

Hit Lock Screen and Security, then select Notifications.

2. Hit the Button

To disable Notifications, you just need to tap the button to toggle them off. For more actions, tap on the left to access the menu.

3. Customize the Options

The Notification menu gives you a few customization options. You can choose to hide content, display only the icon, or move the slider to adjust the transparency.

Tweak Lock Screen Timeout

The Lock screen’s timeout can be regarded as an important security feature. Set it to lock quickly and you wouldn’t have to worry about leaving your phone unattended.

1. Swipe Down from the Top

Hit the Settings icon and select Lock Screen and Security.

2. Tap Secure Lock Settings

Choose the Lock Automatically option on top of the Secure Lock Settings menu.

3. Select the Time

The timeout can be immediate to 30 minutes. Tap on the option that works best for you.

The Final Screen

Besides the above Lock screen changes, it would be nice if the Galaxy S8 or S8+ was able to display weather information. However, there’s a way around this. Install a third-party weather app and allow it to display notifications. This little hack allows you to get the latest forecast on your Lock screen.

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