Galaxy S8/S8+ – How to Move Files to PC

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ both come with Ultra High Quality audio playback. So if you love listening to music, these are great phones for that. These models also make it easy to create professional-grade photographs and video recordings.

Galaxy S8/S8+ - How to Move Files to PC

But when you start collecting media files, you will eventually run out of memory. These phones are available in several storage capacities, but the default is 64GB. This probably won’t be enough for all your files.

Hence, you will eventually find it necessary to move some of your files to a different device. With the S8/S8+, this transfer can be quick and easy.

File Transfer with Your PC’s File Manager

Here is one of the simplest ways to move files from your phone to your computer:

  1. Connect the Two Devices with a USB Cable

Your device comes with both a USB type-C connector and a Micro USB connector. Carefully connect it to your laptop or desktop to begin file transfer.

  1. Give Your Computer Access to Your Files

On your S8/S8+, you’ll receive a notification. You can grant or decline access to your phone’s files. Tap on ALLOW.

  1. Open Your PC’s File Manager

After you have granted access, you can use any file manager on your computer to browse the folders on your phone. Your gallery is generally under My Files.

Select the files that you want to transfer. Then simply move or copy them to any location on your PC. File transfer may take several minutes.

  1. Safely Remove the USB Cable

If you use this approach, you can transfer individual files and folders.

But what if you want to move a certain type of file from your phone to your computer? For example, what if you want to transfer all your music files? Or if you’re creating a backup and you want to move all of your app data to your PC for safekeeping?

If you want to transfer file types instead of individual files, you might want to use Smart Switch.

File Transfer with Smart Switch

Smart Switch is a Samsung app, and you need to download it both to your PC and your phone. The downloads are free. When both devices have the app activated, it will be very easy to transfer files.

Here is one of the ways that you can back up your files to your PC using Smart Switch:

  1. Connect the Devices with a USB Cable

  2. Open the Smart Switch App on Your Computer

  3. Select Backup

Here, you can select which file types you want to copy to your computer.

  1. Give Your Computer Access to Your Files

This will begin your data transfer.

A Final Word

There are also other apps that you can use to move your files to your computer. For example, you can use Solid Explorer File Manager for easier folder selection and file search. You can also upload your data to cloud storage and then download it to your PC.

Transferring your files to your computer has many upsides. In addition to freeing up space, it is useful to have backups in case your phone gets stolen or damaged. Keeping your files on your PC will also make it easier to move them to a new phone.

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Paul says:
when i plug the usb cable in, I get no prompt on the phone, and nothing appears in windows explorer (using win10). I used to when I first got it. Now, nothing. You should update your advice for that situation as well.

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