Galaxy S8/S8+ – Internet is Slow – What to Do?

Unsatisfactory Wi-Fi speed may markedly affect the usability of your Galaxy S8/S8+. It can easily be a major cause of frustration.

Galaxy S8/S8+ - Internet is Slow - What to Do?

Luckily, there are some quick fixes that can help you speed up the internet. Your Galaxy S8 or S8+ might not be the only culprit. We’ve come up with a selection of methods that are known to help. Before that, there’s something you must do first.

Run a Speed Test

The first thing you need to do is test your internet speed. This gives you a baseline that you can check against after you’ve tried a fix or two.

Open your preferred browser and type speed test. Look for a reliable site and go there and run the test.

You can also download a speed test app and use it as often as you need. Either way, write down the result. Are you getting the download and upload speeds that you are paying for?

Tip: You can cross-test with other Wi-Fi-enabled devices to ensure the problem is not with your phone.

Restart Your Router

Restarting the router is a quick fix. You can unplug the router or press the Power button to turn it off. After you turn the router off, wait for a minute before turning it back on.

This action restarts and refreshes your network which should help improve the internet speed. Run another speed test to see if it did the trick.

Toggle Wi-Fi Off and On

It may also be as simple as toggling the Wi-Fi on your Galaxy S8 or S8+ off and on. Here’s how to do it:

1. Access Settings

Tap on the Settings app to open it and select Connections.

2. Hit Wi-Fi

Press the button in the Wi-Fi menu to toggle it off.

3. Wait a While

Wait for a few seconds, then tap the button again to toggle on Wi-Fi.

Forget the Network

If toggling the connection off and on didn’t help, forgetting your Wi-Fi network might. Just make sure that you know the Wi-Fi password as you’ll be asked for it when you reconnect.

1. Access Quick Settings

Swipe down from the top of the screen to reach Quick Settings, then press and hold the Wi-Fi icon.

2. Hold Down Your Current Network

This reveals a menu with more actions. Choose Forget Network and confirm.

3. Reconnect

Wait for some time and reconnect to the same network. Now run a speed test to determine if this helped.

Restart Your Galaxy S8/S8+

Sometimes it’s enough to just restart your phone. The phone might have picked up a lot of cache or software glitches that could be slowing down the internet connection.

Hold the Power button and tap on the Restart option that appears on the screen. Your device will reboot in a few seconds.


By now, you should know how to deal with unsatisfactory Wi-Fi speed on your Galaxy S8 or S8+. Besides the above methods, a software update should also help.

Finally, feel free to share your thought in the comments section and let us know what works for you.

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