Galaxy S8/S8+ – Wifi Not Working – What to Do

It is difficult to keep to your routine when you don’t have wifi. Some apps can’t function at all without an internet connection. In addition to messaging and social media, smartphone users require an internet connection to make regular backups and to access their online storage platforms.

Galaxy S8/S8+ - Wifi Not Working - What to Do

While you can use your mobile internet to take care of your most urgent tasks, you don’t have to deplete your mobile data if you resolve your connectivity issues as quickly as possible. Here are some questions that could help you restore wifi on your Galaxy S8/S8+.

Have Your Tried to Reset Your Connection?

Here are some of the ways to reset your phone’s wifi connection.

  1. Turn Your Phone Off and On

Restarting your device is the simplest way to try to restore your wifi.

  1. Turn the Wifi Off and On

To reset your network connection in this way, follow these steps:

  • Go Into Settings

This application is available from your app screen.

  • Select Connections

  • Select Wi-Fi

Use the toggle to switch your phone’s wifi access off temporarily. Wait a short while. Switch the toggle back to ON and then test your connection.

  1. Make Your Phone Forget Your Current Connection

Follow these steps to make your S8/S8+ forget your current wifi connection:

  • Go Into Settings

  • Select Connections

  • Go Into Wi-Fi

  • Find the Connection in Question

  • Tap Forget

After you’ve completed this process, you will have to reenter the password to your wifi network.

If you want your device to forget every stored wifi network, follow these steps instead:

Settings> General Management>Reset>Reset Network Settings

But keep in mind that this will delete your Bluetooth connection data too.

Are Your Modem and Router Functioning?

The simplest way to find the answer is to see if the wifi problems extend to other devices on the same router. However, restarting the modem and router might help even if your phone is the only device that has a connectivity problem.

To carefully disconnect the router and modem, turn the power button off first. Unplug both devices and then wait for 15 minutes. Then plug them back in and press the power button.

Have You Contacted Your Internet Provider?

If you have confirmed that other people are also experiencing wifi problems, get in touch with your internet provider. You may need to wait until the issue has been fixed.

Does Your Phone Need to a Software Update?

If your phone isn’t running the latest software, it may lead to connectivity problems. On the S8/S8+, you can simply go into Settings > Software Updates to see if your software is up to date. If not, use your mobile internet to get the newest update.

Have You Installed Any New Apps Recently?

There’s a chance that your connectivity problem comes from an app. Removing recent installations could solve the problem.

A Final Word

If the above solutions don’t work, there might be a more serious issue going on. You may be dealing with malware or some other kind of software malfunction. It’s also possible that your S8/S8+ has a hardware problem.

Taking your phone to a repair shop may be the best solution in this case. If you’re confident in your tech skills, you can also perform a factory reset.

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