20 years since the N64 launched in the west, can you name all of these 64-bit characters?

Today marks 20 years since Nintendo released the N64 in the west. Does that make you feel old? Prove your memory is still rock solid by naming as many of these N64 stars as you can…

Nintendo may finally be in the mobile space releasing Android and iOS apps with DeNa, but nothing beats the halcyon days of the N64. Be it racing your friends on Mario Kart 64, enjoying snow-capped mountains in 1080 Snowboarding, or cursing Odd Job in Goldeneye, Nintendo’s mid 90’s console was great.

So great, in fact, it had a whole host of hilarious and memorable characters. But putting a quiz together full of the Mushroom Kingdom’s greatest would be far too easy, so let’s see if you’re a true Nintendo nut and can figure out who all 29 of these classic Nintendo heros and villains are.

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