Mass Effect Andromeda trailer, news and UK release date: Watch Mass Effect’s pre-launch trailer

6. Mass Effect: Andromeda lets you pick from three skill sets

In a bid to create a more fluid and flexible character-customisation tree for players in Mass Effect: Andromeda, BioWare reigned in its various classes and subclasses, instead opting for three straightforward combat skillsets to combine with your own play style. Combat skills allow for heavy weapon use, such as cannons, alongside grenade proficiency and the use of trip mines. Tech skills bestow you with the use of experimental weaponry, and the Mass Effect staple of Biotics allows you to perform some sci-fi magic mumbo jumbo.

7. Mass Effect: Andromeda’s combat is truly flexible

Alongside weapon selection and skillsets, Mass Effect: Andromeda lets you assign profiles to your character. These allow for various stat boosts to abilities and combat proficiency depending on the profile you decide to pick. Profiles are dictated by the skills you decide to invest in and, thanks to the addition of “Favourites”, you can quickly switch between skillsets and profiles on the fly during combat.

8. You can now also craft weapons in Mass Effect: Andromeda

For the first time in the series’ history, Mass Effect: Andromeda is bringing in item and weapon crafting. BioWare has only officially confirmed item crafting, but in a tweet Andromeda’s lead designer Ian S Frazier revealed that this also applies to melee weapons and armour. You can also name your crafted creations, although it’s not clear whether you’ll be able to share these with others online – which would be a pretty cool feature.

9. Mass Effect: Andromeda casts you as Ryder, not Commander Shepard

You probably know this by now, but Mass Effect: Andromeda isn’t Mass Effect 4, and there’s no Commander Shepard here, nor any continuation from the previous Mass Effect titles.

This time around you take up the role of a Pathfinder known as Ryder, who is looking for a new place for the races of the Milky Way to call home. Interestingly, the black-clad figure first shown in early Mass Effect: Andromeda footage is actually Ryder’s father and, as the default male and default female protagonists are canonically brother and sister, it suggests Andromeda will have a bit of a family feud tied into the storyline.

10. Mass Effect: Andromeda’s crew has familiar races, but no familiar faces

Unless you’ve somehow brought a load of people with you to Andromeda, BioWare has some explaining to do regarding how there’s lots of krogan, asari, turian and other Milky Way races already populating Andromeda’s worlds. Did mankind just not get a pass on the intergalactic express?


Regardless, you’ll end up teaming up with some of these folks on your travels, and so far we know of seven companions you can befriend. As with every Mass Effect game, two of your starting companions are humans Liam and Cora Harper, two people who joined your journey from the Milky Way. We also know that asari Dr Lexi T’Perro – voiced by Natalie Dormer – hails from the Milky Way too. You’ll also team up with a krogan named Nakmor Drack; another asari known as Peebee; a female turian called Vetra; and an angara called Jaal.

11. Mass Effect: Andromeda still contains romances, but now with full nudity

Those of you who can’t bear the thought of not being able to get your rocks off in Mass Effect: Andromeda will be pleased to hear that BioWare has confirmed romance options will be returning in Andromeda. What’s more, the team have confirmed that the ESRB (the games rating body used in the US) has given it a rating for “nudity” instead of the “partial nudity” both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 received.

What this actually means is anybody’s guess, but BioWare’s Aaryn Flynn assured fans that it will be tastefully done. So while you’ll likely see more than a tease of alien sideboob or a butt cheek, don’t expect a sci-fi porn simulator or an eyeful of krogan crotch.

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