FIFA 17 tips and tricks: Become a FIFA pro with these 11 pro tips

Despite FIFA 17 being yet another FIFA game, EA’s latest entry in the FIFA series throws plenty of new modes into the mix. As with every year, EA has delivered subtle tweaks to teams and players too, bringing about a new level of challenge for veterans and newcomers alike.

Unfortunately, all of those years of playing five-a-side or a casual kick about don’t translate into game-winning FIFA strategies – that’s where these little tips and tricks come into play. FIFA 17 generally guides you through the early stages and simple controls you need to know. However, for the advanced techniques that can turn the tide of a match, you’ll need to figure out the best skills to suit your play style.

So, here’s a selection of the best FIFA 17 tips and tricks you need to know to up your a-game.

FIFA 17 tips and tricks

1. Keep your ball shielded in 360 degrees

Fed up of having the ball taken from you when dribbling up the pitch? In FIFA 17 you can fend of tackles and defenders thanks to a new ball shielding technique. Simply use LT/L2 to protect the ball as you dribble it up field or shield it from incoming tackles when stood still.

2. Learn to use Driven Headers and Shots

Previous FIFA games always felt like total control wasn’t in your hands. No matter how hard you tried, that shot or header on goal could either feel too powerful or not enough. Thankfully EA Canada has addressed such issues in FIFA 17 with the introduction of driven shots and headers.

To capitalise on these new techniques, first get yourself into the 18-yard box then, when you’re ready to shoot, hold down Circle or “B” to power your shot. Just as you’re about to strike the ball, press Circle or “B” again to turn it into a driven shot and watch it smash into the back of the net.

3. Learn how to build the best Ultimate Team

In FIFA 17, Ultimate Team has had a bit of a makeover and now includes a parameter that directly links how well your team gels as a whole. Thanks to this new addition, you can now work out the best way to put a team together to produce killer results. Maxing out your “Chemistry” rating at 100 can be pretty tough but it’s worth fighting for. You’ll see in FUT that your teammates are connected by a web of lines – green ones signifies a great one; yellow, an okay one and red, a bad one.

4. Ditch dribbling and start passing

Dribbling is so 2016. In previous FIFA’s matches would always devolve into people dribbling their way up the pitch and into the goal – a total buzzkill when you’re playing multiplayer. In FIFA 17, however, things have changed and passing is the new dribbling with EA Canada recalibrating dribbling so it’s not as important.


5. Make better use of AI teammates for corners and free kicks

Free kicks have always been a tricky part of FIFA but, along with the myriad of other additions from EA Canada, FIFA 17 fixes that problem by letting AI take control. Now, instead of having to take the corner and hope the computer handles the shot properly, you can switch places and take the situation into your own hands. If you’re the type who likes to always be in control, the addition of now using the outside of your foot (hold LB/L1 when taking the kick) lets you add some spin to your shot to switch things up a little bit.

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