FIFA 17 tips and tricks: Become a FIFA pro with these 11 pro tips

6. Perfect the penalty

Like many other things in FIFA 17, penalties have changed. However, penalties have actually become somewhat worse rather than better. This means you’ll need to get back into the swing of things again and so practice is the best way to perfect the penalty.

Performing a longer run up can deliver some serious clout to your kicks and, if you fancy it, you can speed up mid-run by holding RT/R2. If you’d rather slow yourself down, or trick the keeper at the last minute with a lighter touch with the LT/L2 button.

7. Find your perfect formation choice

There’s no one formation in FIFA 17 that can best your opponent, instead it’s a game of finding the perfect fit for you. Some favour the more attack-heavy 5-3-2 formation with a striker front and centre to pierce your opponent’s defense. However, some prefer putting their three best strikers out at the front in a 4-3-3 formation, but you could always go for the UK standard of 2-4-4. Basically, you just need to experiment and find the formation that works best.

8. Know how to take corners properly

Want to score big on that corner or set yourself up for a great attack on goal? It’s time you learnt to take corners like a king. The essential set up is this: aim for the near or far post and avoid getting too close to the line as the keeper almost always scoops it up. The rest is up to you.

9. Stop spamming the sprint button if you want to succeed

Grabbing the ball, holding the sprint button and dribbling down the pitch used to be a sure-fire way to score but, just like how EA Canada fixed dribbling, sprinting is something you need to keep in check. Not only does sprint unnecessarily tire out your players, it stops being a useful tool for last-minute breaks past defenders. Use Sprint at your own risk.

10. Invest and train in the future players of football

If you want to build the best team during career mode, you need to invest in the younger talent. They may not be high-rated Messi or Ronaldo types but if you invest in good youth scouts future talent in the high 90’s will arrive in spades – just make sure to put some of your transfer cash aside so you can afford it.

Once you’ve got some youngsters, you need to make sure you help them reach their full potential – otherwise it’s wasted investment. To do this, spend time diving into training sessions. You can simulate these, but they’re relatively straightforward to play and you’ll end up with some better results if you just do it yourself.


11. Win money by becoming the best FIFA player around

As part of the overhauls to FIFA 17’s Ultimate Team, EA has now added a mode that actually lets you win real money. Known as the Weekend League, you can take part by earning a place by winning one of Ultimate Team’s daily knockout tournaments. Taking part bags you a bronze reward and winning a Weekend League nets you a rare kit. Keep performing well on the monthly leaderboards and you may earn yourself a place at the Ultimate Team Championship Series and then the FIFA Interactive World Cup – which has a tasty prize pool of $1.3 million.

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