How to defend in FIFA 16: 5 simple tricks that’ll stop you getting whipped

Getting beat at FIFA sucks. The answer? Stop conceding goals. In order to master your defence, you’ll need to learn five different FIFA 16 controls. These are:

  1. Jockey

  2. Standing tackling

  3. Sliding tackle

  4. Pushing an opponent

  5. Teammate contain

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How to jockey on FIFA 16

Jockeying opponents is the best way to defend. It’s also easy to execute. When defending simply press L2 on PS4, or LT on Xbox, and your player we adapt a front on position to the player with the ball.

Your next task is to get close enough to the man in possession, and once in range, your player will automatically take the ball off your opponent. Note: your player will be slower when jockeying.

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How to perform a standing tackle in FIFA 16

Press Circle on PS4, or B on Xbox, to perform a standing tackle. Combine with Jockey for best results.

How to perform a sliding tackle in FIFA 16

Press Square on PS4, or X on Xbox, to perform a standing tackle. Combine with Jockey for best results. Tip: press the slide tackle button again when sliding to use momentum and get on your feet again quickly.

How to push an opponent off the ball in FIFA 16

Run/sprint alongside the man in possession and hold down Circle on PS4, or B on Xbox, and move the left analogue stick towards the opponent. If your player is strong enough he will push the attacker off the ball.

How to perform Teammate contain in FIFA 16

Pressing R1 on PS4, or RB on Xbox, makes the closest computer-controlled player (to the ball) close down the attacking player. While doing this you will remain in control of your highlighted player.

How to defend in FIFA 16: Video

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