Watch 8-bit Einstein take down Tesla in Science Kombat

Is there any point in developing new fields of scientific study if you can’t use them to destroy fellow scientists? Probably. But that isn’t stopping Science Kombat from pitting history’s greats against each other.

Watch 8-bit Einstein take down Tesla in Science Kombat

The free game lets you play as everyone from Pythagoras to Alan Turing, in charming retro style. The game was produced by Otavio Cohen and Fred Di Giacomo Rocha at Superinteressante magazine, with the help of illustrator Diego Sanches

You can play Science Kombat over on the Superinteressante website, but be warned that it takes a little while to load.newton-einstein.0.gif

We previously featured Sanches’ character animations, which give a feel for the various special moves each scientist offers – Charles Darwin has a trans-species head-butt called “Evolution”, Marie Curie has the Hadouken-like “Radium”, and Isaac Newton can – naturally – knock an enemy out with a falling apple.

Check out a handful of the animations below.

Albert Einstein’s relativity attack


Marie Curie’s radium shot


Isaac Newton’s gravity attack


Charles Darwin’s evolution attack


All images: Superinteressante magazine, Editora Abril.

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