Battlefield 1 UK release date, trailers and news: Battlefield 1 has you play as a pigeon

Battlefield 1 makes an effort to give an impression of the sheer multiplicity of events happening during the Great War. In footage that’s surfaced of an early mission in the single player campaign, players take control of a British Mk. V tank crew before switching out to a surprising, non-human perspective – a literal bird’s eye view of the 1918 Battle of Cambrai.

The section comes after a tank operator called Edwards drives his crew towards the battle, but become entrenched in the mud. Surrounded by enemy soldiers, a carrier pigeon is released to carry a message for help.

The ensuring sequence is clearly intended as a marked contrast to the violence happening at ground level, with players given a view of the whole battlefield. Personally, I’d cut the clumsily emotive piano music, but altogether it seems like both a neat way to impact a sense of scale and a clever means of zipping the narrative to another place on the battlefield. Check out footage of it below, captured by YouTube user MathChief.

Battlefield 1 Xbox One S bundle announced

Battlefield 1 could be a powerful weapon in the upcoming console fight between the Xbox One S and the PS4 Slim. Earlier this week, Microsoft announced a Battlefield 1 bundle version of its upcoming entry-point console, costing £249.99 and including a download copy of the multiplayer WW1 game.

The bundle will land 13 October in Europe, over a week before Battlefield 1 launches on 21 October. As well as the game, the 500GB bundle includes one month of EA access and a controller. You can grab it from the Microsoft store, Argos and Amazon.

There’s also a 1TB bundle, which includes (deep breath) Battlefield 1 Early Enlister Deluxe Edition, the Hellfighter Pack, Red Baron Pack, Lawrence of Arabia Pack, a new visual appearance of the Behemoths, five Battlepacks and one month of EA Access. That’ll set you back £299.99, and is only available from GAME.  

With lines being drawn ahead of Christmas, it’ll be interesting to see how Sony responds with bundles for its own rejigged entry-point console, the PS4 Slim, and its higher-tier console, the PS4 Pro

Battlefield 1 is going to be released on 21 October this year, but before that, it’s worth taking a look at what we already know about DICE’s World War 1 shooter. Read on to find all the key information about Battlefield 1 including news and the latest trailers.

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