Battlefield 1 UK release date, trailers and news: Battlefield 1 has you play as a pigeon

According to a tweet in a Battlefield 1 AMA session, Battlefield 1‘s multiplayer mode will let you play as British, German, Austro-Hungarian, Italian, Ottoman, and American soldiers. DICE has omitted the French and Russians from the launch version of the game, and that’s a weird choice – especially when you consider just how many deaths each country suffered, and the huge roles they played in the war. Although DICE will surely add this on in a later DLC, it seems like a very odd decision.

Just like pretty much every other Battlefield you’ve played, Battlefield 1 will also give you soldier-class options, and so far they’re pretty much the same as usual. There’s an assault class along with a medic class, support class and then tank or pilot class. We don’t have any exact details of how these classes will work, but if EA wants to stop 90% of people going for assault like they usually do, it will need to give the other classes some attractive traits.

Battlefield 1: Maps and Modes

Battlefield 1 will put you in matches with up to 63 other players, and we’ve now got a much better idea of what you’ll be doing and where. As you’d expect, EA has already stated Battlefield 1 will come with Conquest and Domination game modes – which should be familiar to most Battlefield players. For everyone else, both of those modes are essentially variations on capture the flag, with the former being about larger-scale battles with vehicles, and the latter more of a close-quarter, infantry-based affair.

New for Battlefield 1, an Operations mode sees a group of attackers and defenders do battle over key checkpoints. Defenders can be pushed back, but they’ll be able to regroup and try and stem the assault elsewhere. If that sounds familiar, that’s because it features on DICE’s other FPS; Star Wars: Battlefront.

EA has shown off four maps so far: Amiens, The St Quentin Scar, Monte Grappa and Empire’s Edge, with the last two seeming to focus on air and sea combat. However, each map will also come with dynamic weather, so the look and feel of the battlefield could constantly change – whatever map you’re playing on.

Battlefield 1: Weapons

EA says Battlefield 1 will feature six classes of weapons, and they all do pretty much what you’d expect. There are shotguns for short-range blasts, SMGs and LMGs for rapid-fire situations, and then Semi-Autos, which will probably be the default choice for most players. There are also sniper rifles for longer-range kills, and side arms, for when you’re either really cocky, or really desperate.

Battlefield 1’s much-discussed WW1 setting isn’t the only change to the long-running shooter’s setup. The class system will be different than previous iterations, and YouTuber Westie has delivered a breakdown on how this will impact the game’s medic class. 

The video explains a number of abilities for the medic, including details of the two different medkits – small ones that can be thrown on the floor and will automatically heal nearby players, and large ones that require the medic to stand next to other players.

The revive ability in the Battlefield 1 will use a healing vial and syringe instead of past games’ defibrillator paddles. Aside from the different animation, the mechanic looks to work much like it did in previous Battlefield games.

The medic also seems to be able to heal vehicles, although this ability will fill a slot that could otherwise be taken up with one of the previously mentioned medkits. Still, deciding whether to be more of a medic or medic/engineer could offer more flexibility to fit various playstyles.

Battlefield 1: Vehicles

We don’t have a list of vehicles yet, but trailers have shown everything from horses and biplanes to airships and tanks, so expect to be able to command a variety of machines – and the odd animal. World War I came at a transitional period between the old style of war, and the new, mechanised one, so there should be a good variety of “vehicles” to master.


Battlefield 1: Single-player campaign

While Infinite Warfare pushes that particular series towards space travel and laser weapons, Battlefield 1 positions itself at a turning point between 19th-century and 20th-century warfare, when bolt-action rifles, early tanks and biplanes were used alongside horses and sabers. It’s a period when modernity came crashing into older social modes.

The single-player campaign will pay attention to these rapid social and technological changes. Battlefield 1’s lead designer Danny Berlin told GameSpot that the single-player potion of the game would focus on a group of character “dealing with the changing world in their own ways”.

Berlin also said that the game would feature “much more choice and variety than [it’s] done before” – hitting home the fact that the WW1-set game will cast a wide net over early 20th-century conflict, expanding action outside of France and Belgium to encompass – as the trailer suggests – the deserts of Arabia and the Italian Alps.

Battlefield 1: Release date

Battlefield 1 will launch on 21 October worldwide, and will be coming to Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 

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