WATCH THIS: Night Terrors might be the scariest game ever

Virtual reality has the potential to make some of the scariest games ever, but I think augmented reality could make for even more traumatic experiences. Night Terrors is a great example, using your phone to transform your house into a nightmarish alternate reality. Take a peek at these trailers if you dare – it might well be the scariest thing you’ll ever play.

Instead of using VR, Night Terrors uses your smartphone’s camera and screen to augment your own surroundings, and turn them from familiar to utterly horrific. And it gets worse. The game also uses a radio to narrate some of the game – just like P.T. – and it also uses binaural audio. Binaural audio gives you the impression that things are moving around you and behind you – grim.

The game originally began life as an Indiegogo last year, but this January, the developers unveiled a brand-new trailer – complete with Apple Watch integration. The result? The game can monitor your heartbeat and will “intensify” the experience if you aren’t a nervous wreck. In the trailer you can also see the way the game is able to “possess’ your iPhone. Why would you even want to play this?

It pains me to say that you can currently only pre-order the game, so that means I haven’t been able to play it and test it for you – which is obviously a massive shame. For me, the most unnerving part of the game is probably the way it twists your home against you – meaning you’ll never look at it in the same way again. After playing this, I’d probably have to move.

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