Civilization 6 UK release date, trailers and news: Watch composer Christopher Tin talk about Civ 6’s theme

In the run-up to Civilization 6’s 21 October release date, developer Firaxis is giving a glimpse at the game’s various leaders and mechanics via a nicely curated video series. The latest of these is a second leader for Greece, Gorgo.

Gorgo gets most of the same abilities as Greece’s other leader – Pericles. Where she differs is with the Thermopylae ability, which ensures you receive a culture boost with each enemy unit you kill. This positions her as a more aggressive option to Pericles. More in the video below. 


Russia is all about expansionism. The civ has abilities that add extra tiles when founding cities, and the chance to add tiles when using a great person in a city that has a Lavra – Russia’s unique district. Add to this the Grand Embassy ability, which lets Russia gain science or culture from trade routes with more advanced civs, and you have one of the strongest civilizations for taking over the map. More details in the video below.


Civilization 6: Arabia

Faith and science are the big pillars in Civ 6’s version of Arabia. An early bonus ensures that Arabia is always able to found a religion, and its unique building ­– the Madrasa – produces both science and faith. The worship building for Arabia’s religion also costs very little to build, and produces science and culture.

If you’re looking to corner either science of religion as a tactic, Arabia is shaping up to be a good choice. More info in the video below.

Civilization 6: Sumeria 

Sumeria is led by Gilgamesh, and he is HENCH in Civilization 6. As the video explains, historians aren’t entirely sure if he ever actually existed – whatever the case, he’s clearly spent a lot of time in the imaginary gym.  

Sumeria gets tribal village rewards for capturing barbarian outposts, and has the War Cart of a unique unit. Gilgamesh also brings a heap of bonuses to collaborative warfare. Away from war, Sumeria has science and culture boosts with its unique building, the Ziggurat. More details in the video below.

Civilization 6: Rome

Civ 6 eschews Caesar or Augustus for Trajan, who presided over the greatest military expansion in the history of the civilization. As you’d expect, Rome’s focus in Civ 6 is therefore heavily placed on spreading out across the map.

All cities start with trading posts, and new cities within trade route range of the capital start with roads already built. In terms of military, Rome gets the Legion, which can build forts and roads as well as stab people. It also gets the unique Baths building, because you don’t want to go around conquering the world stinking of BO. More details in the below video.

Civilization 6: Greece

Greece is led by the Athenian orator, Pericles. The civ gets ‘Plato’s Republic’ as a unique ability, which gives it an extra wildcard slot. For military, Greece gets the Hoplite unit, which gets bonuses when other Hoplites are on adjacent tiles.

Culture also gets a boost in the form of the Acropolis, which replaces the theatre district and gets bonuses for being next to a city’s centre district. If you’re looking to go for a culture victory, Greece is shaping up to be a strong contender. More details in the video below.

Civilization 6: Norway

Norway is led by Harald Hardrada – which apparently translates as ‘hard ruler’. That gives some indication of the civ’s emphasis – warfare and domination, particularly at sea. The ‘Thunderbolt of the north’ ability lets all naval melee units perform coastal raids, and Norway also gets the unique Longship unit, which can heal in neutral territory. On land, Norway gets the Berserker unit who gets bonuses to attack. More details in the video below.


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