Civilization 6 UK release date, trailers and news: Watch composer Christopher Tin talk about Civ 6’s theme

Civilization 6: Kongo

Kongo is led by Mvemba a Nzinga, with leanings towards culture but enough wiggle room to thrives as a science or domination-led civilization. Religion plays a slightly different role for Kongo, as the civ can’t build holy sites – and therefore doesn’t seem to be able to found its own religion – but does gain the founder belief of any religion that’s established itself in the majority of Kongo’s cities.

As for unit, Kongo gets the Ngao Mbeba, which has no movement penalty for moving through forests. It can also build the unique M’banza district, which provides extra food and gold. More details in the video below.

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Civilization 6: India

Gandhi’s nonviolent independence movement forms the core of India’s strategic leanings in Civ 6. The Satyagraha ability gives India a significant boost to faith, and delivers happiness penalties to opposing civs if they wage war on Ghandi. If things don’t go as peaceful as planned, India also has the Varu unit – a war elephant that reduces combat strength of adjacent enemies.

For more info on India’s bonuses check out the below clip, although there’s nothing to hint at whether Civ 6 Gandhi will be as trigger-happy on the nuclear weapons as his predecessors.

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Civilization 6: Spain

Religion and life on the sea are two of Spain’s strongest areas in Civilization 6. Ship-wise, Spain has bonuses to both naval trade and combat. The Treasure Fleet special ability means trade routes between continents yield more money, while Spanish ships can also be stacked into fleets sooner than other civilizations – meaning it’ll be easier for trade ships to be guarded by military vessels.

As for religion, Spanish units get bonuses when facing down enemies from another religion. The Spanish Inquisitor units can also use their Remove Heresy ability more than other civilizations. As if that wasn’t religion-focused enough, The Mission provides extra faith, and Spain’s Conquistador unit gets bonuses when fighting next to Missionaries, Apostles or other Conquistadors. It will also convert a captured city into Spain’s majority religion if its adjacent to the city’s tile as it falls.

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Civilization 6: Germany

Germany gets Holy Roman emperor Frederick Barbarossa as its leader, who brings with him an extra slot for military policies, and a bonus for combat against city state units.  Germany also gets a ‘Free Imperial Cities’ bonus, which gives cities extra districts.

You can see more about Germany’s unique units and districts in the video below.

YouTube video

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