E3 2016: The 4 best game trailers from Bethesda’s press conference, from Quake Champions to Prey

Bethesda’s press briefing is relatively new to E3, but it has already become one of the major slots at the event. This year Bethesda came with a burgeoning sack of sequels, reboots and DLC, from the eSports angled Quake Champions to a remastered version of Skyrim. Here are the best trailers from the show.


The sequel to 2006’s Prey has been missing presumed dead for a couple of years now, so it was quite the surprise to see Bethesda premier a trailer for what looks to be a reboot of the alien invasion shooter. This time around the player will step into the boots of Morgan Yu, a red-eyed test subject for an experiment on space station Talos One. From the looks of the trailer, conjunctivitis will be the last of your worries. Set for release in 2017.

Quake Champions

Doom returned in 2016, and now Quake is making a comeback in the form of Quake Champions. Bethesda showed a fully CGI cinematic trailer, so it’s too soon to see what the multiplayer-focused game will play like, but it looks to be angling as a serious contender in the eSports arena. It’ll be interesting to see whether the massively successful Overwatch has affected the game’s direction – indeed, players will be able to select different classes in this new iteration.

Skyrim Special Edition (and Fallout 4 DLC)

Fallout 4 is getting a new triplet of DLC. The first two – Contraptions Workshop and Vaultec Workshop – are workshop updates, while the third – Nuka World – is a longer piece in the vein of Far Harbor. The first comes next week, the second comes in July and the last comes in August.

More exciting – depending on your feelings towards dragons and remastered graphics – is the much-rumoured Skyrim Special Edition. It’s coming in October this year, and has a bucket load of remastered art and effects.

Dishonored 2

We got a more expansive look at Dishonored 2 with a tour of the game’s world – Karnaca. The trailer gives a condensed overview of the sneak-and-assassinate action, and comes with a snazzy Fleetwood Mac cover to boot.


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