Arkane reveals brand-new Prey gameplay footage at The Game Awards 2016

After Prey had a surprise announcement at Bethesda’s E3 2016 conference earlier this year, nobody really knew what to expect from Dishonored 2 developer Arkane Studios’ take on the franchise. Seeing as Prey had been left untouched since 2006 (a proposed sequel was canned in 2011), it was unclear exactly what Bethesda was planning to do with the series – turns out, the plan was to scrap Tommy’s adventure from Prey and reboot the franchise.

Thanks to a new gameplay video, unveliled at the Game Awards 2016, we’ve finally had our first look at Prey in action and it looks like a sci-fi take on Dishonored – albeit with weird black alien goo. Taking place on the, seemingly abandoned, moon-orbiting spacestation of Talos I, you play as Morgan a man who’s been experimented upon to the point where you’ve now been granted special powers. Details around exactly how all that happens are a little hazy but, as Prey is supposed to be set only 16 years from now, there are plenty of other questions around how the events of Prey‘s story have unfolded.

From the gameplay trailer, it looks as if Arkane has plenty of great ideas for the franchise – including the ability to transform into a mug to tumble through a ticket window. Excellent touch. Still, things do seem strangely Dishonored in tone, but perhaps that’s just me.

You can watch the Game Awards 2016 Prey trailer below and make your own mind up about Bethesda’s 2017 action title.

Interestingly, Chris Avellone – designer on Planetscape TormentKnights of the Old Republic 2 and Fallout: New Vegas to name but a few – is working with Arkane Studios on Prey. It’s safe to say that, if Avellone is on board, this won’t be your rote run-and-gun experience.

You can watch the original E3 reveal trailer below.

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