Steep is Ubisoft’s beautiful take on SSX multiplayer fun

Steep gives you a map of a mountain and lets you find your own way down it. Yes, Ubisoft’s big E3 2016 reveal sounds an awful lot like EA’s ill-fated 2012 SSX reboot.

However, thanks to an on-stage gameplay walkthrough, what first looked like a simple snowboarding and skiing game – with added wingsuit – quickly turned into something altogether more special. Not only is this an extreme-sports multiplayer mountain adventure, it’s also a racing game and social experience. One incredibly cool feature is a video and photography mode allowing you to capture footage from any perspective. You can share this with friends and, if one particularly deadly jump was worth sharing, drop it into a friend’s game so they’ll see it happen even if you aren’t playing.

Ubisoft has also clearly spent a lot of time crafting the mountains you can explore, providing you with a huge area to play within. You can also drop between zones using a hot-drop mechanic, allowing you to wingsuit, paraglide, ski or snowboard your way down from the top of any peak. Simply put, it looks incredible.

However, there’s only so much I can say about Steep myself, it’s best if you watch the trailer below to get a better understanding of what Ubi’s latest IP is all about.

YouTube video

It’s hard to tell just how well it’ll go down with fans between now and its December 2016 release date, but with beta signups now open, PS4 users may fall in love with it in time.

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