Xbox One S: Microsoft confirms UK release date of 4K, HDR console

Ever since Microsoft first unveiled the Xbox One S at E3 2016, we’ve been waiting for it to come to the UK. For me, the Xbox One S is the console the Xbox One should’ve been, and is a true match for Sony’s all-conquering PS4. And now we have a confirmed UK release date: 2 August.

Xbox One S: Microsoft confirms UK release date of 4K, HDR console

When the Xbox One first launched it was huge, still needed an external power adapter, and came with Kinect, an accessory we knew we’d never really use. When combined with the unforgivably high price, it’s little wonder that the Xbox One seems to lose out in this round of the console war.

That’s why the Xbox One S is so important. Essentially, it’s a slimline Xbox One that seems to do everything we wanted the first time round – plus a bit extra. In fact, if you haven’t got an Xbox One yet, the One S really does represent a good purchase. So, is it worth buying Microsoft’s revised console? Here are seven reasons for you to get onboard the Xbox One S train.

7 things you need to know about the Xbox One S

1. The Xbox One S will hit the UK in TWO weeks

When Microsoft first announced the Xbox One S, it said the new console will be out in August, and today it’s finally confirmed the Xbox One S will be here on 2 August. Although it’s the first time Microsoft has announced a date for its new console, the 2 August release date had been listed on Amazon for some time.

2. It’s smaller


One of our biggest problems with the original Xbox One was just how damn big it was. The launch version of the Xbox One looked cumbersome on its own, but when put alongside the PS4, it looked like some sort of nostalgic video recorder. But the worst part? The Xbox One didn’t even have an internal power adapter, so gamers had to find space for the Xbox One AND a huge power brick. Luckily, the Xbox One S is 40% smaller, so it can can fit under your TV without making a scene.

3. It looks way better

Along with its reduced size, the new Xbox One S looks cleaner and more modern than its now-outdated counterpart. Thanks to crisp lines and bold vents, you won’t want to hide your Xbox One S out of sight when your friends come round.

4. It has 4K video playback

Xbox One S: 7 things you NEED to know before its release date

Like it or not, 4K is on the way, and the Xbox One S is a great way to get involved. Sure, it won’t be able to output games in native 4K – that’s what the Xbox Scorpio will be for – but it can output selected video and blu-ray content in 4K, which is really useful if you have a 4K TV.  

5. It has a new controller

The Xbox One arguably has one of the best controllers ever made, but the Xbox One S’s controller goes one better. Featuring all-new textured grips, along with a lighter more streamlined design and improved wireless range, the Xbox One S’s controllers are even better than the original Xbox One’s.xbox_one_s_release_date_2

6. It has HDR

Simply put, HDR is a new type of display technology that gives you greater vibrancy in colours and more contrast in pictures – and the Xbox One S is compatible. Alongside 4K, HDR is one of the most significant technologies to improve your picture, so expect selected apps and games to look even better with your Xbox One S. The technology might not be used in all apps yet, but having it in 2016 keeps your Xbox One S future-proof.

7. It’s great value

The Xbox One S may be new, but it’s actually cheaper than you’d expect. The 2TB version of the Xbox One S will set you back £349 with a controller and, although that might seem like a lot of money, it’s still great value. If you’re going to buy a console in 2016, you should be getting a minimum of 1TB, so 2TB plus a range of other features makes the new Xbox One S a solid purchase.

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