Pokémon Go is officially released in the UK

Pokémon Go has already throttled the internet with a seemingly endless stream of pictures, anecdotes, guides and erotic ebooks. Until recently, however, it hadn’t officially been released in Europe. That changed yesterday, when the game came to iOS and Android in Germany. As of today, the game is available in the UK. 

Pokémon Go is officially released in the UK

That means you’ll no longer need to twiddle your iPhone or Android device settings to get hold of the game. Simply go to Apple’s App Store or the Google Play store and download yourself a copy of Pokémon Go.

The rollout of the game faced setbacks after its US release, with the app’s developers Niantic Labs citing server issues for a delay to Pokémon Go’s European release.

Indeed, take-up of the game has been enormous across the US, Australia and New Zealand. The servers have been bucking under the weight of people playing the game, with users noting frequent downtimes over the past few days. It would seem that Niantic Labs has patched up a lot of those issues.

As a result of the game’s popularity, Nintendo’s shares surged around 25% at the start of the week, after rises on Thursday and Friday last week, adding a whopping £5.8 billion to Nintendo’s market value. 

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