Microsoft HoloLens will see your living room invaded by suicidal lemmings

What’s missing from your living room? Maybe you’d like a new stereo, a nice rug or a collection of virtual green animals falling to their death? Well if that last one tickles your fancy, you’re in luck. Design firm Globecore has got its hands on Microsoft’s augmented reality device HoloLens, and brought the all-time classic Lemmings out of the screen and into the living room.

Microsoft HoloLens will see your living room invaded by suicidal lemmings

If you’re unfamiliar with Lemmings, the premise sees the player resolve different environmental hazards to safely guide the little green creatures to an exit point. However, Globecore has thrown out the original 2D side-scroller format in favour of an augmented experience where those little lemmings are running around an actual living room.

That means it’s possible for the virtual creatures to navigate around a coffee table, sofa and fall straight on to the carpet (a real one in an actual house). The demo adds a whole new dimension to what was once a rather simple puzzle title on the Atari back in 1991.

The bad news is we’re probably not going to get our hands on HoloLens for quite some time, and when we do it is unknown what shape the end product will actually take. Perhaps for the best, as Lemmings HoloLens might be the first video game which is only as big as your house – renters might want to stick to Candy Crush Saga.

Although Microsoft might not go mainstream with HoloLens (a development kit goes for nearly £3,000, after all), the company is betting on the product to change everything from videogames to how NFL fans watch the Superbowl. Microsoft previously showed off its HoloLens technology running Minecraft, although whether the device will bolster such titles at launch remains to be seen.

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