You can now make money by playing your PlayStation (but not much)

Sony has quietly introduced a new rewards scheme that enables you to make money from unlocking PlayStation Trophies. Barring some astonishing improvements in life expectancy, you won’t ever get rich from it but you can earn points by unlocking Trophies and in turn trade these in for PSN credit to buy games.

You can now make money by playing your PlayStation (but not much)

The Rewards Passes page on the Sony Rewards site shows that 100 Silver Trophies earns you 100 points, 25 Gold Trophies equates to 250 points and ten Platinum Trophies unlocks 1,000 points. Once you’ve amassed 1,000 points, you can then claim a $10 (approx £8) voucher.

Yeah. Don’t quit your day job.

In order to start earning credit, you need to sign up for Sony Rewards and link it to your PlayStation account but unfortunately, the programme is currently only available in the US. We can only hope it’ll eventually make it’s way to the UK, but if it doesn’t, you shouldn’t lose sleep over the 1p you might have earned for scoring a goal with the outside of your boot in FIFA 18 or saving five teammates in Call of Duty WWII by throwing away an enemy grenade.

That said, the new scheme shouldn’t be completely dismissed. Kotaku worked out that all the trophies earned by PlayStation’s most dedicated trophy hunter, Roughdaw4, would be worth $1583 (~£1200), or 25 full-price game downloads.

In response to the new reward system, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer wrote on Twitter “Sounds like a cool feature, I’m going to give it a try. Competition is a good thing, keeps us all working hard.”

Microsoft already has its own Xbox Live Rewards programme, which lets you earn credit for your Microsoft account by completing ongoing ‘missions’ or by getting a percentage back on your digital purchases with MyVIP Star Rank. If Playstation’s new rewards scheme is a success, fingers crossed we might one day see the option to earn credits by unlocking Xbox Live Achievements, too. Until then, I guess I’ll reluctantly keep writing for money.

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