Football Manager 2019: Game released to positive reviews

Football Manager 2019 has been released, and people are pretty pleased with it.

It’s been given a 90% score on PC Gamer and PCGamesN, with an overall Metacritic score of 86. Eurogamer Italy praised “The new management tactics and training allow an even deeper and more precise approach in the preparation of the team and individual matches.” and Trusted Reviews said “A welcome refresh of the UI, more visually pleasing training and tactics menus”.

Fans have been just as pleased with the game, getting into the managerial spirit in style…

And even the official Football Manager Twitter account is promoting “method acting” through the game.

Football Manager 2019 price: How does FM 2019 cost?

You can play Football Manager 2019 for only £34.99. It’s available both in physical form and as a digital download.

Since Football Manager 2018 is only £3 cheaper on Amazon at time of writing, this is a bargain. It’s a little pricier on Steam at £37.99, although you’ll be doing the environment a favour by cutting down on the physical disc.

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Football Manager 2019 features: The new features of FM19

Features that will be in this year’s version may well have been the works for 18 months or more, as this fascinating interview with Football Manager creator Miles Jacobson reveals. Jacobson told FourFourTwo in November: “An initial feature set was put together for Football Manager 2018 in March last year, so now we’ll have meetings to go through new things we want to happen in the new game.”


“Normally we’ve got a few features that people have been working on in advance – not everything can be done in a year. So if we wanted to have some new fancy technology that might take a team of two people 18 months to do, they’ll be working on that for one of the future games. There are definitely some things in FM 2017 that we’ve been working on for multiple years, and there are some features for FM 18 that people who finished their work on ‘17 have already started working on.”

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One interesting addition to the game is VAR, or Video Assistant Referees, that the ref can check just like in real life. In addition, the training and tactics aspects to the game have received overhauls, with both updated to reflect the state of modern football and the way teams train and prepare for matches.

Many of the other tweaks are visual, making the UI and menus easier to understand and navigate.

A few more changes have been announced by Sports Interactive, which you can find on their forums.

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