The best Pancake Day games: Have a flipping fun time with these pancake-themed games

If you’re not done with pancakes once you’ve stuffed your face with them this Pancake Day, what better way to kick back and enjoy yourself than by playing some pancake-themed games! Right?

If you’ve not been able to satiate your hunger for fried flat batter, but don’t want to pile on the pounds too much more, these pancake-themed mobile games are perfect for your Pancake Day entertainment. They may not be able to help you make the perfect pancake, nor toss like the world’s greats, but at least you won’t be wrapping pancakes in sticks of butter in the name of entertainment.

The best Pancake Day pancake games:

1. Pancake Tower: The pancake connoisseur’s choice

Free on Android and iOS

Once you start Pancake Tower, there’s no going back. Your task, if you choose to accept it, is to stack the highest tower of pancakes you can before they topple over. It may sound simple, but the tower sways with the gyroscope in your phone and just one wrongly placed pancake can bring your tower crashing to the ground. Over time you’ll pick up strategies for creating double-wide towers, learning the optimal way to counterbalance and, ultimately, build the biggest pancake tower of your life.

It does also help that it’s visually rather charming too.

2. Pancake – The Game: A game for tossers

Free on Android and iOS

Want to learn how to toss with the best of them? Pancake – The Game is for you. With each tap of the screen, you have to flick your frying pan-brandishing strong, muscular arm in rhythm with a falling pancake to ensure its sides are cooked golden brown. Each flip tallies up a point and your objective is to simply toss as many pancakes as you can.

Some of the apps glowing reviews state that it  “changed my life for the better”, and that it even landed someone with a “new pancake flippin’ job”. Wonderful.

3. Pancake shop of cat: The hygiene inspector’s worst nightmare

Free on Android and iOS

The description on Pancake shop of cat’s store page outlines the game as “Cats make Pancake”, and that’s a fair way to sum up the madness that is Pancake shop of cat.

Playing as a pancake shop-owning feline chef, it’s your job to produce pancakes to order, selecting the correct fruit toppings and sauces. The faster you complete the order, the higher the score you’ll achieve. But watch out, sometimes your feline instincts kick in and “hungry mode” kicks off where scoffing pancakes takes priority.

Many users have described Pancake shop of cat as “Kawaii” and one even stated that it’s “cute and fun makes time to fast to”, so there you go.

4. Pancake Panic: A pancake chef’s nightmare

Free on Android and iOS


Like the stellar Pancake Tower, Pancake Panic is all about stacking a huge pancake tower. However, in Pancake Panic, the pancakes fall from the sky, as if like gifts from the gods. It’s your job, playing as a stressed-out chef, to run around the kitchen grabbing the falling pancakes and stack them high on a plate. Coloured strawberries change your score-attaining potential and change pancake properties too.

In a nice twist, the entire app was developed in under a week to help educate UK primary school children about how to code. So that’s rather pleasant.

5. Pancake Game: A glimpse into the pancake service industry


Free on Android

Not to be confused with Pancake – The Game, Pancake Game is a frenetic game of waiting on restaurant goers hankering for pancakes. A chef on one side of the room dutifully, if not irresponsibly, flips burnt pancakes out into the room where you, the waiter, has to bounce them over and into a customer’s outstretched hand. Drop too many of these overcooked pancakes and you’ll be fired on the spot.

6. Pancake Saga: Pancakes made with entrepreneurial spirit

Free on Android

Playing as a pancake chef, Pancake Saga tasks you with making your own batter, perfecting your pancake cooking abilities and running a busy kitchen located in the middle of nowhere. It’s about fighting off roaches, rats and keeping the lights on as you fight your way to the top of the world’s most respected restaurants.

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