The Division 2’s latest E3 2018 trailer paints a grim picture of Washington DC

The Division 2 has finally been officially confirmed as real by Ubisoft thanks to an announcement trailer during Microsoft’s E3 2018 press conference. That announcement was then elaborated upon further during Ubisoft’s own conference where it dropped yet another trailer for us to digest.

Prior to the reveal we simply knew the sequel existed due to a brief mention during a press release earlier this year. Now though, with the latest CG trailer and mission walkthrough, we have a better idea of what to expect from The Division 2. For fans of the original, you’ll be pleased to know that it sounds like it’s basically more of the same.

The story seems to be set following the events of the first Division outing. The US is a failed state with various sides fighting between themselves while corrupt remnants of the last government fighting against agents of the Division who are trying to stamp them out completely.

A walkthrough trailer shows that gameplay is relatively similar to what came before. It’s not clear exactly what’s new here beyond a gorgeous refinement of the Snowdrop engine used for The Division.

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Ubisoft’s CG “cinematic trailer” also provided us with a little bit more context to the world of The Division 2. After hearing that the Smallpox virus that destroyed American society at the start of The Division has mostly subsided, people have begun to rebuild and regroup in safe colonies. It’s here that the CG trailer beings. Not everything is as it seems, then, but there’s still a semblance of normality entwined in this hellish landscape.

It’s not yet known when we’ll find out a release date for The Division 2, but chances are we’ll hear more details during Ubisoft’s conference.

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