Microsoft reveals Halo Infinite, and we’re not quite sure if it’s Halo 6 or not

Halo Infinite is the next big entry into the Halo universe and we still don’t know all that much about it.

News around a new Halo game for Xbox was expected but, when Halo Infinite was announced during Microsoft’s E3 2018 conference it certainly took everyone by surprise. Many people had expected a straight sequel in the form of Halo 6, following on from the events of Halo 5: Guardians.

Going by the Halo Infinite announcement trailer, it’s unclear if this is simply a stopgap or the next true entry into the franchise. With Master Chief seemingly reprising his role, it certainly does look like a canon entry. However, there are glimpses of something bigger here. Something with a large multiplayer focus. 

Murmurs online do suggest that Halo Infinite isn’t Halo 6 and is, instead, born out of the cancelled Halo MMO project. If that’s the case, it could well be a Halo-take on Bungie’s Destiny model. While that’d certainly be a kick in the teeth for Bungie, Halo certainly has the lore to make something like that work far more effortlessly than Destiny seems to be.

It’s hard to know what we can expect from Halo Infinite just yet, but below is everything we knew about Halo 6, so hopefully much of this will translate over to Halo Infinite. In time, when we know more information, we’ll keep you updated.

Halo 6 release date: Will Halo 6 be released in 2018?

Historically speaking, there’s often been a three-year gap between each main-series Halo game. Halo 5, for example, was released back in October 2015, which would line up a new entry for this year. But it’s looking unlikely that we’ll get a Halo 6 release in 2018, seeing as we’re still without a teaser trailer, let alone official word on the existence of the game.

There’s the possibility of an announcement trailer of some kind at E3 2018 in June. Though considering that Brian Jarrard, 343’s community manager, has already confirmed that Halo 6 will not be showing its face at Gamescom, which takes place two months later, it’s far from certain.


Another hint that Halo 6 won’t be coming out this year is a community blog post, in which Jarrard himself wrote: “2018 has arrived and with it, the promise of new fun times to be had and adventures to be embarked upon. No, not those adventures, but plenty of exciting ones regardless.”

While it’s a pretty cryptic message, we assume that Jarrard is referencing 343’s biggest money-maker, Halo.

Halo 6 story: What will Halo 6 be about?

There are no firm details yet regarding the plot to Halo 6, but it’s likely we’ll see the game return Master Chief to his former glory. The previous entry in the Halo universe, Halo 5, relegated Master Chief to the bleachers in favour of Agent Locke.

Talking to Games TM, Frank O’Connor said that the team “took some digs for the storytelling” in Halo 5, and that it was “definitely marketed in a way that we hoped was going to bring surprise but for some fans and certainly fans of Master Chief, it was a huge disappointment because they wanted more Chief.”best_xbox_one_games_halo_5

Halo 6 gameplay: How will Halo 6 play?

Just like everything else about Halo 6, gameplay details are thin on the ground, but there have been a few suggestions from Bonnie Ross, the head of 343 Industries.

Speaking at DICE 2017, Ross said that Halo 6 will be bringing back split-screen co-op multiplayer, after the studio made the decision to remove it in Halo 5. Halo 6 will still include the online co-op element, however, meaning that players now get the best of both worlds.

Halo 6 platforms: What consoles will Halo 6 run on?

It’s safe to say that Halo 6 will definitely be coming to the Xbox One X, and it will presumably be optimised for that 60fps 4K powerhouse. You can also expect Halo 6 to arrive on the Xbox One S.

As for a PC release, that’s still up in the air, considering that Halo 4 and Halo 5 have yet to make their way to Windows 10. Still, with Microsoft’s ‘play anywhere’ initiative, we definitely wouldn’t rule out a PC version of the game.

Will Halo 6 be VR-compatible?

a recent 343 Industries job listing could give us some very exciting insight into Halo 6.

According to the advert, which is (sorry) now closed, 343 Industries is looking for a Creative Director who will work on VR content set in the Halo universe. 

“343 Industries is looking for a Creative Director to join us in delivering an all new VR experience in the Halo universe,” the job listing reads. “Halo is known for its epic sci-fi worlds, its transmedia storytelling, and its heroic gameplay – VR brings the potential for a new level of immersion in our universe.”

Of course, this might imply that 343 is working on a standalone VR experience, rather than a fully-fledged Halo game in VR. There’s also no indication as to whether this VR experience will be utilised in Halo 6 or not. 

Currently, the Xbox One X is the only Xbox that supports VR, but it has yet to be used in any capacity. It would be a huge boost to future VR content on the Xbox if Halo 6 were a fully-fledged VR game, however. 

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