Overwatch update adds Retribution and Uprising co-op modes alongside new skins

Overwatch‘s latest patch is an absolutely massive update – 13 to 20Gb – that adds quite a bit of content to the game. 

Overwatch update adds Retribution and Uprising co-op modes alongside new skins

Overwatch update

Retribution co-op mission

The highlight of this latest update is the new co-op mission, Retribution. Much like the previous Overwatch co-op mission, Retribution will require players to work together across a PvE mission that will be instantly familiar to the Left 4 Dead fans out there. Unlike the previous mission, this one sees four players take control of Reaper, Mcree, Moira, and Genji as they try to capture an underworld bfaddie while Overwatch’s hands are tied. Something goes wrong in the process, and the Blackwatch team soon find themselves battling against some imposing odds. 

Along with the usual grunts, this new mode will force you to do battle against a variety of special enemy types. Included among those specialty foes is an assassin, a sniper, and a dual-machine gun weilding heavy. Taking them down will require exceptional teamwork (especially on the mode’s most punishing difficulties). 

Uprising co-op mode

This update also adds the Uprising co-op mode from last year’s event back into the game’s arcade mode. Just like the Retribution mission, you’ll be able to access it from now until April 30. Completing either of these modes will reward you with a loot box and good times with friends. 

Loot boxes and new skins

 But hey, we get it. You just care about the loot boxes. Well, the Retribution event no only adds some of the old Uprising legendary skins back to the game but features 100 new cosmetic items. The highlight of those cosmetics is undoubtedly the new collection of legendary hero skins. This time, Hanzo, Reaper, Moira, Lucio, Winston, Mei, Doomfist, and Sombra all receive new legendary skins. As usual, these new skins cost more than other legendary items – 3,000 coins rather than 1,000 – and will no longer be available for purchase after the event expires. 

While you may want to wait before purchasing any legendary skins thanks to Overwatch‘s no duplicate legendary drops rule, we highly recommend checking out Lucio, Sombra, Doomfist, and Hanzo’s new skin. You might also want to grab Genji’s skin from last year’s event if you didn’t have the chance to do so before. 

Character changes

This update also includes a series of gameplay tweaks. Among them is a nerf to D.Va’s micro missiles – they now do 4 damage instead of 6 – and a nerf to D.Va’s booster damage (down from 25 to 10). The speed of Zenyatta’s secondary fire projectiles has also been reduced by 15%. That particular change is popularity attributed to the skills of professional Overwatch player, JjoNak

Elsewhere, Mei and Reaper received minor buffs. Mei’s blaster can now go through enemies and Reaper is able to move 25% faster in Wraith form. He’s also able to cancel his Wraith ability midway through, and his ult now reloads his weapons automatically.  You can read the full list of character changes here

Gameplay Sabotage

Furthermore, players will now be able to request to avoid a teammate for up to a week so they are no longer matched with them. This can be done with up to two teammates a game. Also, the poor teamwork option has been removed from reporting while the “Griefing” report option has been replaced by “Gameplay Sabotage.”

As for the massive size of the patch, Blizzard states that it’s occasionally necessary to replace some in-game assets in order to make future patches smaller and easier to implement. All things considered, though, you’ll want to set aside some time and bandwidth to ensure that this update goes through smoothly. 

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