Playstation Plus for May 2018 includes Rayman Legends and Beyond: Two Souls

Average April is about to give way to Middling May – at least as far as PlayStation Plus is concerned. While March brought us the delights of Bloodborne, April was back to a more middling fair, and May is all set to follow suit.

The first title is going to split opinion quite sharply amongst those who like David Cage’s own brand of choose-your-own-adventure, quicktime event showcases and those who don’t. That’s right, we have Beyond: Two Souls on PlayStation 4. Personally, despite loving Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit, I found Beyond to be unremittingly tedious and implausibly silly – I think I’d actually rather they tried to force That’s You on us again. Regardless, critical opinion in general is more kind: it’s averaging 72 on Metacritic.

The second game is a big improvement: it’s Rayman Legends, which is simply brilliant. A charming, clever platformer with a superb soundtrack and plenty of challenge. It’s deservedly averaging 90% on Metacritic and is an absolute must-play.

The reason I call this a middling selection, then? Well, both are remakes from the PlayStation 3, and as both titles were fine looking games on the last generation of hardware, they hardly warranted the rerelease, in my view. So yes, it’s great that more people will get to play them, but it’s hardly the same generosity that Sony has shown in recent months.

Speaking of generosity, let’s get back to the list and the games that Sony has decided to give away for other formats. On PlayStation 3, Plus members can download Risen 3: Titan Lords (Metacritic average: 36%) and Eat Them! (65%). Meanwhile on Vita, we’re given Furmins (69%) which also happens to be cross-compatible with PS3 and PS4.

All of these titles will go live in May, giving you a few more days to pick up April’s games – Trackmania Turbo and Mad Max – if you haven’t already.

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