EA’s Origin Access Premier is its first step towards building a Netflix for games

EA Origin has, for a long time, been EA’s version of Steam – an online library of your digital games that you can download and access from any PC you like. However, at this year’s E3, EA announced the next step for its Origin platform – EA Origin Access Premier.

Origin Access Premier is an all-new subscription-based service for Origin that gives players access to all of EA’s new games and a back catalogue of 100 titles. It’ll set you back £14.99 a month, or £89.99 per year and is set to land “later this summer”. If you’re wondering what the difference between Access Premier and standard Origin Access is, Access players only get to sample new games ahead of release but not actually play them from the moment they’re made available for purchase on Origin.

At £90 a year, Access Premier may certainly sound rather expensive, but if you’re the sort who plays Battlefield, Battlefront and FIFA when they release, you’ll already be saving yourself money. Chuck Anthem into the mix and the smattering of other titles EA has lined up for 2018 and 2019, and it’s a pretty great deal.

Going forward, EA also teased another new service that it’s currently trialing within EA Origin Access. Working in a similar way to Netflix, this unnamed new service allows users to stream their Origin library to absolutely any device. So, no longer will you need to download and install a game, it’ll work just like GeForce Now or PlayFire by streaming the game right onto your device.

Going by the teaser trailer EA dropped during its EA Play event at E3, it’s likely you’ll actually be able to play the latest and greatest EA games on devices like your smartphone or tablet as long as you have a controller to play with. EA states it’ll be streaming content in HD – which might be a little low-res for some – but the prospect of being able to play a vast library of games literally anywhere will probably help alleviate any disappointments in resolution.

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