The Best Genshin Impact Builds [July 2021]

Genshin Impact boasts many characters you can choose from, and they encompass a variety of playstyles. From dealing vast amounts of damage to providing support, there’s a character for every player. To maximize their potentials, you’ll need to build your characters properly.

The Best Genshin Impact Builds [July 2021]

With the right builds, you can bring out the best of your characters and defeat any enemy. Builds are essential, especially during battles that require teamwork and preparation. Here, you’ll find out what the best builds are for every character in Genshin Impact.

The Best Genshin Impact Builds

This section will list out every character’s ideal weapon and Artifacts sets. Currently, there are 38 playable characters. We’ll only cover the first 35 as the three new ones haven’t been explored yet.

Even though some of them have multiple playstyles, we’ll only list out their best build.

With this out of the way, let’s get into the best builds for every character.

The Best Build for Each Character

We’ll list out the characters in alphabetical order.


Albedo is a swordsman and uses the Geo element. He works best as a sub DPS character, and you’ll find the Harbinger of Dawn sword yields the best results. His best Artifacts are a complete set of Archaic Petra.


As a Four-Star Pyro Bow character, Amber is easily obtained in the game as you get her through the story. She performs best as the sub DPS character in your party, especially when you give her a Skyward Harp. Her output is even higher with four Wanderer’s Troupe Artifacts.


The cheerful Barbara wields a Catalyst as her weapon and Hydro as her element. She’s strictly a support character, her best weapon being the Prototype Amber. Equip her with four Maiden Beloved Artifacts, and she’ll be an effective healer.


Beidou swings her claymore around effortlessly, and her element is Electro. The Wolf’s Gravestone weapon makes her a powerful main DPS unit. As for Artifacts, two Gladiator’s Finale and another two Bloodstained Chivalry work best.


Bennett wields a sword masterfully, along with the Pyro element. His best build is as a support character; the best weapon for him is the Skyward Blade. A full set of Noblesse Oblige will complete the build, allowing him to provide attack boosts to other party members.


As a sub-DPS character, Chongyun can provide extra damage to boost total output. He’s a claymore and Cryo user, and his best weapon is the Skyward Pride. The ideal Artifact set for him is two Noblesse Oblige and two Blizzard Strayer.


Diluc is another claymore-wielder, but his element is Pyro. His best build is as a main DPS character wielding Wolf’s Gravestone. He needs a complete set of Crimson Witch of Flames to build him to his best potential.


An adorable girl with cat ears, Diona fights with a bow and uses the Cryo element. She’s a great support character when given the Sacrificial Bow. Her best Artifact set is four Noblesse Oblige pieces.


Eula’s best build is a main DPS character, making use of her claymore and Cryo element. Her best weapon is the Song of Broken Pines. As for the perfect Artifacts set, she needs a complete set of Pale Flame.


Not only does Fischl fight with her raven Oz, but she shoots arrows and Electro proficiently. Equipping her with a Skyward Harp is fitting for her main DPS build. To further complement this, she should have two Gladiator’s Finale and two Thundering Fury Artifacts for the best build.


Half-human and half-qilin, Ganyu is also an archer and Cryo wielder. The role of main DPS is where she shines, particularly with shooting with an Amos’ Bow. With a complete set of Wanderer’s Troupe, she can devastate a battlefield.

Hu Tao

This little girl may manage a funeral parlor, but she’s deadly on a battlefield. Hu Tao fights with a polearm and the Pyro element. Her best role is that of the main DPS, wielding the Staff of Homa. You should give her a complete set of Crimson Witch of Flames Artifacts to complement this build.


She may be Barbara’s older sister, but don’t let the familial ties fool you. Jean tears through enemies with a sword and the Anemo element. She shines as a sub DPS unit armed with the Aquila Favonia. With two Gladiator’s Finale and two Viridescent Venerer, she’s cemented into the role even more.

Kaedehara Kazuha

Kazuha is armed with a sword and the Anemo element. He needs a Freedom-Sworn sword and a full set of Viridescent Venerer to be effective. With this build, he becomes a support character.


In battle, Kaeya fights with a sword and freezes enemies with the Cryo element. The best weapon he can equip is the Aquila Favonia, part of his main DPS build. Couple that with a full set of Blizzard Strayer Artifacts, and his best build is complete.

Kamisato Ayaka

Ayaka’s Cryo element is expressed through her skillful swordplay. When built as the main DPS character, she can deal heavy damage to her enemies. She requires a Mistsplitter Reforged sword and a complete set of Blizzard Strayer Artifacts.


Swords and Electro are Keqing’s signatures as she sweeps across a battlefield. She functions best as a party’s main DPS with a Primordial Jade Cutter. Equipping her with two Thundering Fury and two Gladiator’s Finale can help round out this build.


Playful and obsessed with explosives, Klee uses a Catalyst and Pyro when in combat. Add her to your party as a main DPS character, equip her with the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds and watch her set a battlefield aflame. Her ideal Artifacts set is four Crimson Witch of Flames.


Lisa also uses a Catalyst as her weapon, though she’s an Electro user instead. Her ideal build is as sub- DPS, armed with the Skyward Atlas. Complete the build with a full set of Thundering Fury for the best results.


Mona’s astrology skills are on par with her mastery of Hydro and Catalyst. Her perfect build consists of the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds and four Noblesse Oblige Artifacts. With these, she becomes a fully-fledged sub-DPS character.


As one of the few Geo users, Ningguang fights with a Catalyst and is at her best with the Memory of Dust. She’s a main DPS character, especially when you get her two Gladiator’s Finale and two Archaic Petra Artifacts.


Noelle is also a Geo user, though her weapon of choice is a claymore. Her design lends towards functioning as the main DPS, although a sub-DPS role works, too. Her damage goes off the charts when armed with The Unforged and a complete set of Retracing Bolide.


Qiqi is a zombie with poor memory, but she battles fine with a sword and her Cryo element. Her abilities make her an excellent support character. To maximize healing, equip her with a Skyward Blade and a complete set of Noblesse Oblige.


With his claymore and Electro abilities, Razor is a powerful main DPS character, not suitable for anything else. You need to give him Wolf’s Gravestone sword and four Gladiator’s Finale to push him to his limits.


A religious sister, Rosaria fights with a polearm and the Cryo element. Her best weapon is the Crescent Pike, combined with two Pale Flame and two Bloodstained Chivalry. With these items, she’s a powerful main DPS character.


Sucrose’s mastery of Anemo and a Catalyst lend to her strengths as sub-DPS. Her best build requires a The Widsith weapon and four Viridescent Venerer.


Tartaglia’s aim with a bow is true, as deadly as his Hydro powers. He works best as the main DPS character, especially with a Skyward Harp. As for Artifacts, he needs four Heart of Depth Artifacts to reach his maximum potential.


The Traveler is your avatar and begins the game with the Anemo element. As you progress the storyline, you’ll eventually gain the ability to “resonate” with one of the Statues of the Seven and change your elemental alignment to Geo. Regardless of your elemental alignment, though, you’ll always use a sword.

The Traveller’s best Anemo build consists of the Skyward Blade and four Viridescent Venerer Artifacts. Those playing Geo will instead need to equip the Festering Desire, two Archaic Petra, and two Gladiator’s Finale. Both are sub-DPS builds.


As the “wandering bard,” Venti’s archery and Anemo skills are a noteworthy addition to any party. He functions best as the sub-DPS character. For best results, give him the Elegy for the End and four Noblesse Oblige Artifacts.


Xiangling’s polearm and Pyro skills are just as polished as her culinary skills. You’ll find her the most effective as the main DPS character. To maximize this build, equip her with the Skyward Spine, two Crimson Witch of Flame, and two Gladiator’s Finale.


Xiao is armed with a polearm and the Anemo element. His abilities make him a powerful main DPS character, and you need to build him right. Provide him with a Primordial Jade Winged-Spear, two Viridescent Venerer, and two Gladiator’s Finale for the best results.


Xingqiu uses a sword as her weapon, coupling her swordsmanship with Hydro abilities. The role of sub-DPS is her best build. The Sacrificial Sword, two Noblesse Oblige, and two Heart of Depth work well as a sub-damage dealer.


As ferocious as she looks, Xinyan is an expert claymore-wielder and Pyro user. As her weapon and element suggest, she’s a powerful DPS character. She needs the Skyward Pride weapon, two Noblesse Oblige, and two Bloodstained Chivalry for this build.


Yanfei is a legal advisor, and she loves helping people. Her Pyro element and mastery of the Catalyst make her an excellent main DPS character. To squeeze every drop of damage from her, give her Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds and four Crimson Witch of the Flames Artifacts.


The enigmatic Zhongli works as a consultant in Hu Tao’s funeral parlor. He’s skilled in the use of the polearm and Geo element. His best build, as a sub-DPS, consists of the Skyward Spine, two Noblesse Oblige, and two Archaic Petra.

What to Consider When Building Up a Character

Every character has traits and abilities that make them suited for specific builds. They are:

  • Element
  • Abilities
  • Roles
  • Base Stats
  • Constellations

All of these come together to influence your character’s build. After this, you need to consider more than one character’s attributes to create the perfect team. Therefore, a character’s build is more than equipping weapons and Artifacts, but also who they work well with alongside.

The Best Genshin Impact Team Builds

As there are many possible team combinations out there, we’ll only take a look at a few, or else we’ll run out of room.

The best general-purpose team build is to have Kazuha, Hu Tao, Xingqiu, and Qiqi. These four will complement each other with their abilities and roles.

If you want the best free character’s team build, it consists of Xiangling, Barbara, Traveller, and Kaeya. This party works well for bosses and exploration too.

Additional FAQs

What are some budget friendly build items?

Not everyone has the equipment for the perfect builds. However, you can still substitute them with other items until you get them. One- to three-star weapons are found in chests, purchased from shops, or in Investigations.

The Perfect Team

Each character in Genshin Impact has at least one playstyle, and some can be played differently. However, these builds can help optimize each character to their fullest potential. Just remember that these are “perfect world” scenarios. You may not have the “right” gear or resources to equip them the way that’s suggested, but you can still use them with budget items until you do.

What’s your current party build? Who do you like playing the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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