How to Get More Audible Credits

Audible is one of the biggest audiobook libraries in the world. With a monthly subscription, you can get access to thousands of books to listen to wherever you go. Audible offers books in numerous categories like technology, psychology, fashion, marketing, social media and many more topics to help you learn new things or to enjoy literature classics.

How to Get More Audible Credits

In this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about getting more Audible credits and how to manage them in the best way possible.

How to Get More Audible Credits

Audible first introduced credits to enable its users to buy audiobooks without using their credit cards. Audible Premium Plus members get their credits as a part of their subscription package to use them throughout the year.

Here are a few ways to get more credits on Audible:

  1. If you decide to subscribe to Audible and become a member, you’ll get new credits every month. Once they’re on your account, you can redeem them for new audiobooks.
  2. If you have only one credit or no credits at all, or if you’ve had a Gold or Platinum plan for more than 30 days, you’re eligible for promotional offers through which you can get new credits.
  3. One of the best ways to get credits is to get a 30-day Audible trial, since you’ll get two credits as soon as you open your account. After the trial period expires, you’ll have to continue with the Gold Monthly Membership.
  4. Buy special edition audiobooks through unique offers. You can get a free credit whenever you purchase one of those special editions.
  5. Participate in Audible challenges where you can compete and get awards or extra credits.
  6. Buy new credits.

On the other hand, if you have a legacy membership or have an Audible Escape subscription, you’ll be unable to buy new credits.

How to Get Audible credits

Types of Credits

On Audible, you’ll encounter different types of credits:

Membership Credit

Every membership plan comes with a type of credit and a specific purchase price.

Return Credit

When you’re exchanging your audiobook with another member, you get this particular type of credit.

Extra Credit

If you buy books in a bundle offer, you’re eligible for extra credits.

Gift Credit

Every time you reclaim any gift on Audible, you’ll get gift credits. Sometimes, writers or influential bloggers offer coupons to attract a new audience, and you can use them to buy new books without using your credits.

Complementary and Special Offer Credits

These are the credits you receive through promotions and exclusive offers from Audible.

How to Use Credits on Audible

Audible Premium members can use their credits to get books from Audible’s premium selection free of charge. If you want to get more books than the number of credits you have allows, you can spend your credit on some and use money to purchase the rest.


Credit Status

Every Audible user can see the number of credits in their account so they can efficiently manage them before they expire. If you want to see your current credit total in Audible from your desktop, all you need to do is log in from your browser. Next to your profile name, there will be a number that states how many credits you have remaining.

If you want to check the number of your credits from your phone, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the Audible app.
  2. Find a coin-like circle in the top right corner.
  3. The number in that corner shows how many credits you have.

What Happens with Credits If You Pause Your Account?

Pausing your Audible account is a simple process. If you decide to pause your account, you won’t have to pay your subscription fee, but you won’t be able to obtain your monthly credits. Regardless, you’ll still have access to all your books, be able to receive audiobooks as presents, and be able to go shopping for new ones.

You can pause your account for up to three months. You won’t get any new credits, but you can still spend the ones you already have.

What Happens with Credits If You Cancel Your Membership?

All members who decide to cancel the Audible Premium Plus membership will lose all their credits. Which means it’s best if you use all your credits and then cancel your subscription.

Before canceling, you’ll see all your unused credits and be able to decide whether you want to buy more audiobooks or send them to someone as a gift.

More Than an Audio Library

Audible offers more than one way to pay for your books, and with Audible credits your books become significantly cheaper. Once you know how to get more Audible credits and use them on the platform, you’ll more efficiently use all the Audible subscription benefits and find ways to get more credits. Are you using credits to buy audiobooks? Have you ever got a gift credit? What would you spend it on?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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