How to Get Stone in Rust

In the world of Rust, you’ll find better items the more you play. If you’re a new player that means gathering stone.

How to Get Stone in Rust

If you’re not sure how to get stone in Rust, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll show you how to stock up on this valuable resource. Plus, we’ll also answer some relevant questions you may find useful for your gameplay.

How to Get Stone in Rust?

There are many ways you can obtain Stone in Rust, from manually harvesting to trading it. Some methods are more efficient than others.

First, let’s take a look at the most basic approach. For those starting a new game, picking up stones is the best way.

  1. Walk around the world.
  2. Search for small stones.
  3. Pick up the stones.

Use these small stones to craft tools, especially Stone Pickaxes. These will help you mine stone nodes.

  1. Craft a Stone Pickaxe by combining 200 Wood and 100 Stone.
  2. Locate a stone node.
  3. Strike the nodes with your Stone Pickaxe or another tool if you have one.

Mining is very efficient, providing you with enough stone to build yourself a base. The better your tools, the more stone you’ll get. For example, using a jackhammer will yield 1 000 Stone within three seconds.

How to Get Stone Without Rock in Rust?

Scattered around the world are recyclers – non-craftable machines found in monuments. Simply find one and throw all your unused stone tools and weapons in, and the recycler will break them down into stone.

The more advanced the item, the more stone you’ll get. Using a recycler is advantageous, as you don’t have to spend time mining and scouring for stone nodes. Your old tools also won’t be wasted.

How to Get Stone Fast in Rust?

If you happen to stumble upon the Outpost, you’ll find a vending machine. The vending machine is the fastest way you can obtain a large amount of stone. For example, 50 Scrap is equivalent to 1,000 Stone from the machine.

Swap your excess resources for stone with the vending machine. No mining involved, nor breaking any tools!

How to Get Stone With Giant Excavator in Rust?

Among all the methods, excavating yields the most stone at once, but it involves spending Diesel Fuel to power a Giant Excavator. At around 150,000 stone, it’s more than enough to build a stronghold!

The downside to this is that everyone will know you’re up to something. Expect them to come running with guns blazing. You’ll have to defend the two payload sites against other players.

How to Get Stone With Mining Quarry in Rust?

The tech tree contains something called Mining Quarry. It can only be unlocked after you play the game long enough. It’s a great way to mine stone while leaving you free to do other tasks.

  1. Place a Mining Quarry on the desired area.
  2. Place into the barrels at the side.
  3. Climb up to the top.
  4. Approach the control panel.
  5. Start the engine with the ‘’Use’’ button.

After you build a Mining Quarry, you just need to refuel it to keep mining automatically. Go ahead and gather other resources!

How to Get Stone Walls in Rust?

Stone Walls are great for large bases since they resist fire-based attacks. While the weak side can be pickaxed, you can use it as an outer wall. It’s great for a quick base too.

  1. Open the build wheel menu.
  2. Select the wall option.
  3. Place the wall down where you want it.
  4. Upgrade to Stone Wall by right-clicking it and selecting the ‘’Stone Wall’’ option.

Stone Walls aren’t the strongest, but in the earlier stages, they’re all you have. Even after progressing further, you can still build them. Save the stronger material for important areas.

How to Get Through Stone Walls in Rust?

Resistant to fire, Stone Walls can withstand flamethrower attacks. The main weakness is that pickaxes can break them down. If you want to get through a Stone Wall without using your precious explosives, simply craft some pickaxes.

Pickaxes are very cheap to craft. If you’ve progressed far enough into the game, breaking a few isn’t a problem. You can make more of them easily without breaking the bank.

How to Get Over Stone Walls in Rust?

Getting over Stone Walls is quite simple. All you need is a ladder to climb right over! When you’re done, you can use your hammer to break the ladder down and take it with you to climb other walls.

A Wooden Ladder costs 300 wood and three rope, so you can make one in the field. Even if you’re under fire, take cover and craft one to scale the Stone Walls ahead. These ladders can be deployed even within enemy territory – perfect for stealthy entry.

How to Get High External Stone Walls in Rust?

High External Stone Walls are a cut above your average Stone Wall. You can still climb over them with a Wooden Ladder, but the barbed wire will hurt you. Explosives are your best bet in breaking them.

  1. Locate the ‘’High External Stone Wall’’ option in the Level 2 workbench menu.
  2. Select it and start crafting.
  3. After around 30 seconds, transfer it into your inventory.

Not only are these walls strong, but you can carry them in stacks of ten to deploy in the middle of a gunfight. Keep in mind that your workbench must be at least Level 2. You also need to have the blueprint to craft some.

How to Get High External Stone Gates in Rust?

High External Stone Gates are strong entry points for your base. They work well with High External Stone Walls to protect your base from intruders.

  1. Locate the ‘’High External Stone Gate’’ option in the Level 2 workbench menu.
  2. Select it and start crafting.
  3. After around 30 seconds, transfer it into your inventory.

These gates are tough and can withstand flamethrowers. However, they’re still vulnerable to explosives.

How to Get Rid of Stone Walls in Rust?

If you’ve just built one, you have a few minutes to destroy it with a hammer. After that, you’ll have to go through a lot of pickaxes to break the Stone Wall down. Expect to be there for a while before you demolish all of your walls.

A faster way is to use explosives, but they’re harder to come by. Many players wouldn’t waste their hard-earned explosives on breaking their own walls, so it’s best to attack the wall’s soft side with pickaxes.

You can upgrade the wall with your hammer. This takes advantage of the period you’re allowed to break walls. Unfortunately, you’ll have to spend some extra resources in the process.

Additional FAQs

We’ll answer some of the burning questions you have about stone in Rust.

Where Does Stone Spawn in Rust?

Stone is found in abundance near rocky and mountainous areas. You can find small stones anywhere, but rocky areas increase the probability of finding large deposits.

How Do You Pick Stuff Up in Rust?

If you’re playing on PC, the default key for picking up items is ‘’E.’’ You can change it to any unassigned key you’re comfortable with.

How to Use a Stone Quarry in Rust?

If you have a stone quarry, you can use it to get Stone. Check the fuel level and refuel if necessary. Next, climb to the top and interact with the control panel. Now you just have to wait for lots of Stone!

Off to a Rocky Start?

Stone is very useful at any stage of the game. Gathering stone is also quite easy and there are many ways to do so quickly. Even when you have access to better resources, you can always count on stone walls and gates.

How much Stone do you have in your inventory? Did you find our guide useful? Let us know in the comments section below!

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