How to Show GitHub commits in a Slack Channel

GitHub and Slack are changing the way we program and communicate online. Both offer fast, simple collaboration platforms for diversely located teams. If you’re new to either or both of these and have been asked to show GitHub commits in a Slack channel, what do you do?

How to Show GitHub commits in a Slack Channel

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First a little background.

GitHub is a code repository service that includes version control, source code management and a range of tools for the compilation of code. It is used by enterprise and by individuals through paid-for or free accounts. It also offers a repository of finished code to web users. In the new world of global collaboration it is one of the most popular collaboration tools on the internet.

A GitHub commit is a change or revision to a file that is then saved or ‘committed’. As GitHub uses version control, each commit is given a unique identifier that enables you to manage revisions effectively. When making a commit, it is normal to add a comment highlighting the changes that you made.

Slack is a messenger app design specifically to enable team collaboration. If you’re old enough to remember when IRC chat was mainstream, Slack will be familiar. If you’re not, it will still be familiar as the interface is very straightforward and easy to pick up. Slack uses channels which are essentially chatrooms to keep conversations (mostly) on topic and coherent.

Adding GitHub commits in a Slack channel means a geographically diverse team can collaborate in real time while also having versions monitored and tracked.

So back to the question at hand of how to show GitHub commits in a Slack channel.

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Show GitHub commits in a Slack channel

There are two ways to show GitHub commits in a Slack channel. The first is to use an app called Zapier’s Github-Slack integration. If you’re serious about GitHub and Slack, it might be worth looking into. If you’re a more casual user, you can manually configure Slack to show commits.

First, you need to add GitHub to Slack.

  1. Visit your GitHub Settings page and click oAuth.
  2. Add Slack to Authorized applications and Grant Access under Organization access.
  3. Then select the arrow at the top of the Slack screen.
  4. Select Configure Integration and then GitHub.
  5. Select the Slack channel you want to post commits to.
  6. Select the repository and branch you want to display.
  7. Select the type of information you want to display.
  8. Select Save integration.

You can only show GitHub commits you’re an author of, not ones that have been merely shared with you. So this will only work on your own GitHub projects. Other than that you are free to integrate the two as you see fit.

Have any useful GitHub or Slack tips you would like to share? Post them ion the comments section if you do!

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