How to Make a Car in Gmod

With the ability to interact with most objects and manipulate them, Gmod still reigns supreme among sandbox games. You’re free to do anything you want, even making a car on your own. However, this requires some knowledge of the game.

How to Make a Car in Gmod

Thankfully, Gmod already contains every tool required to build a car. Here, you’ll learn all you need to spawn for a functional vehicle you can drive around. There are also multiple ways to do it, which we’ll get into below. But first:

Gmod: How to Make a Car

Cars in Gmod typically have these parts:

  • Chassis
  • Wheels
  • Thrusters
  • Chair

These parts are all found in the Spawn Menu, accessible by pressing Q on your keyboard. With the help of your Physics Gun, you can cobble together some vehicles just by combining parts.

Here are the basic steps to making a car in Gmod:

Gathering Parts

You’ll need to be in a Gmod session for this to work. It can be any of your sessions.

  1. The first thing to do is press Q and open your Spawn Menu.
  2. Spawn in an object that will function well as the vehicle’s chassis.
  3. Go to the “Tools” section and then head to “Construction.”
  4. Under this section, you can find “Wheel.”
  5. Pick some wheels you like.
  6. Repeat steps three to five for thrusters.
  7. Open the Spawn Menu and go to the “Vehicles” tab.
  8. Look for a suitable chair.

Once you have all the parts, you can start combining them. Bear in mind that the objects are now stationary. You need to use your Physics Gun before they can move.

Assembling the Car

Now that all the objects are in the world, it’s time to combine them. Your Physics Gun will help you do the brunt of the work.

  1. Equip your Physics Gun.
  2. Left-click on your chassis.
  3. Place your chassis somewhere in mid-air, so parts attach to it easily.
  4. Left-click the wheels and attach them to your car chassis.
  5. Left-click your chassis again and hold.
  6. Release your click and release the chassis from airborne suspension.
  7. Left-click on the thrusters you spawned in.
  8. Attach them to the vehicle.
  9. Attach the chair as well.

Now, you need to adjust your wheels and thrusters. Doing so will allow you to drive safely and steadily. Without manual adjustments, you can’t accelerate at all.

Adjusting the Wheels and Thrusters

  1. Approach your wheel and press C on the keyboard to bring up the context menu.
  2. Adjust the torque, force limits, and friction of each wheel.
  3. Keep the force limit at zero to make it stay there.
  4. Go to the Keypad section in the context menu for wheels.
  5. Bind your wheels to the keys you like.
  6. Now, go to your thrusters and open the context menu.
  7. Adjust the thruster force to something reasonable.

While you can bind any of these functions to whatever keys you like, we have some recommendations for you.

Right wheels can be bound to:

  • Nine for front spin
  • Six for back spin

Left wheels can be bound to:

  • Seven for front spin
  • Four for back spin

You can easily maneuver the wheels’ turning with your right hand’s four fingers using these controls. However, if you find something more comfortable and intuitive, go with that scheme instead.

As for the thrusters, here are some suggestions.

Right thruster:

  • Right arrow for forward
  • Left arrow for reverse

Left thruster:

  • Up arrow for forward
  • Down arrow for reverse

After these adjustments, you can start driving your car around.

Gmod: How to Make a Car Turn Without Thrusters

This vehicle is more of a curiosity, as it uses the help of elastics to move around. If you want a car you can control manually, it’s better to stick to the one mentioned above.

  1. Spawn in three metal bars, two of them shorter than the other.
  2. Activate the Motor Tool and set the forward number to four and the reverse number to six.
  3. Have the torque be around 800, the friction at one, and both force limit and time zero.
  4. Make sure you’re not using NoCollide and Toggle.
  5. Weld the two shorter ones to the main bar and make them perpendicular to the main bar.
  6. Attach wheels to the side bars’ ends.
  7. Ensure the wheels all spin in the right direction.
  8. Activate the Elastic tool and set the constant to 420 and damping to zero.
  9. Further, the relative damping should be 0.010 and width one.
  10. Aim at the end of a sidebar right before where the wheel is attached and click.
  11. Aim at the main bar near where the perpendicular lines start and click.
  12. Do the same for the other side, only making this elastic line slightly shorter.
  13. Unfreeze the car and watch it go in circles forever.
  14. If you want to sit on it, you can freeze it and place a chair on the chassis.

This car is quite funny to watch drive itself. However, beyond being a curiosity, it has no other uses.

Gmod: How to Make a Car That Turns

The thrusters on a car can help your vehicle accelerate, but you can also place two more at the side of the vehicle to influence its direction. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a car using the steps above, but instead of placing two thrusters at the rear, have four on each side.
  2. Bind the thrusters with the appropriate keys and give them appropriate settings.
  3. Once that’s done, you can start driving your car around.

You can bind the thrusters to the WASD keys. Doing so lets you drive the car in all four directions, which the first car in this article can’t do.

Gmod: How to Make a Car With Wiremod

Wiremod is a Gmod addon that lets you wire together all types of electronics in Gmod. You can use it to improve the basic car design, such as adding wheels that turn. With Wiremod, creating complicated contraptions becomes possible.

  1. Make a car chassis and preferably add a chair.
  2. Spawn in an Advanced Pod Controller and attach it to the car.
  3. Right-click the Controller and then right-click the chair again to link them.
  4. Spawn in a subtract gate arithmetic and attach it to the chassis.
  5. Attach some wheels onto the vehicle’s chassis.
  6. Adjust the wheels and make them spin in the same direction.
  7. Bring up the wire tool.
  8. Wire A from the subtract gate to the Advanced Pod Controller.
  9. Left-click the Controller and select output as W.
  10. Wire B to the Advanced Pod Controller as well.
  11. Repeat step nine but make the output S.
  12. Wire the wheels to the subtract gate.
  13. Add a thruster to either side of the vehicle’s front.
  14. Wire the thrusters to the Advanced Pod Controller and bind the D and A keys to the right and left sides, respectively.
  15. Once that’s done, you can drive the car in all four directions.

Let’s Go for a Ride

Cars are just one of the most straightforward machines you can make in Gmod, as the game has unlimited potential. Addons like Wiremod exponentially increase the complexity of your creations.

Have you made a car in Gmod before? What addons are your favorites? Let us know in the comments section below.

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