How to Add a Calendar in Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an excellent tool for managing and organizing all your projects. With some advanced options, you can create customized calendars for multiple groups of people, such as your friends or family and your work colleagues.

How to Add a Calendar in Google Calendar

This allows you to share notable events with the right people while still having all of them show up in your calendar for an easy overview. You can also add public calendars containing national or religious holidays.

This article will show you what you need to do to add a calendar to Google Calendar.

Adding a Calendar

Each public calendar has a specific URL. This URL is listed on the calendar’s page, but it’s usually easier to ask someone who has access to the calendar to share it with you.

Note that not all calendars are public, and the owner needs to check it as public for it to be viewable and shareable like this.

Adding a calendar is easiest on a browser. To add a calendar to Google Calendar, follow these steps:

  1. Click the plus sign (“Add”) next to “Other calendars.”
  2. Click on “From URL” from the menu.
  3. Enter the address in the box.
  4. Tap on “Add Calendar.” On the left-hand side there will be a list of calendars and your new calendar will be added to that.

Alternatively, you can select the option “Browse calendars of interest” in the “Add” menu. These contain national and religious holidays, major sports tournaments or events, and even moon phases. It’s also where you can sync your contacts’ birthdays to your Google Calendar so you always remember them.

How to Create a New Calendar

Google Calendar enables you to make new calendars for each project you’re working on. Similar to most options, this is only available via PC, but fine-tuning can be done on the app afterward.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open Google Calendar on your browser.
  2. On the left, you will see “Other Calendars.” Click on “+.”
  3. Select “Create new calendar.”
  4. Add a name and description, and confirm a time zone.
  5. Select “Create Calendar.” It will now be visible as an option on your main Calendar menu.

If you want to share your calendar, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Hover over the calendar.
  2. Select the kebab menu icon.
  3. Go to “Settings and sharing.”
  4. Select the most appropriate option:
    • Export the calendar to an ICS file.
    • Make the calendar public and fetch the URL.
    • Share directly to other people via Gmail accounts.

Whenever you make a new event for that calendar, make sure to choose it as the calendar.

How to Add a Shared Calendar to Google Calendar

You can share calendars with others, and they can do the same. These steps will show you how to achieve that:

  1. You will get an email, click the “Add This Calendar” link.
  2. When Google Calendar opens, a pop-up window will appear, click “Add.”
  3. The shared calendar will appear on the left side under “My Calendars.”

How to Find a Calendar You’ve Created

To find a calendar that you’ve already created, follow these easy steps:

  1. Open Google Calendar on your PC.
  2. Under “My calendars,” you will find a list of all the calendars that you have created.
  3. You can show or hide a calendar’s events by clicking on the calendar’s name or checkbox.
  4. You can remove a calendar from your list by selecting “Options” and then clicking on “Hide from List.”

How to Change a Calendar’s Name

Follow these simple instructions if you want to change your calendar’s name.

  1. Launch Google Calendar.
  2. Find your calendar by clicking on the “My Calendars” option on the left.
  3. Click on “Options” next to your calendar and then click on “Settings and Sharing.”
  4. Put your calendar’s new name in the box at the top.

How to Change Your Calendar’s Color

If you want to change your calendar’s colors, follow these quick and easy directions:

  1. Open Google Calendar.
  2. Find your calendar on the left side under “My Calendars.”
  3. Click “Options” next to your calendar.
  4. You can pick the new color of your calendar, or you can click on “Add Custom Color.”


Can I add multiple calendars?

Yes, you can make several calendars, but it’s advised not to add more than sixty calendars at once to avoid spamming.

Is there a limit to how many invitations a user can send to outside visitors for events?

You can send 10,000 invitations in a brief period before your account gets throttled and flagged.

Can you import events from other calendar apps or your Google account into your Google Calendar?

You can. Any email address can be used to create a Google Calendar account. It’s not required that you have a Gmail account.

Why can’t I add a Google Calendar to my calendar?

If you can’t add a calendar, you might need to check the settings of your phone. Be sure the calendars you want are marked as synced and visible in the settings.

Getting Organized

Google Calendar allows you to stay organized and connected with your friends, family, and colleagues. Use different calendars to keep track of memorable events and ensure everyone is on RSVP.

Have you utilized Google Calendars? What was your experience with it? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

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