Google Pixel 2/2XL – Internet is Slow – What to Do?

Insufficient internet speed on your Google Pixel 2/2XL is beyond frustrating. Not only that but it can also significantly limit the functionality of your smartphone. Luckily, you should be able to fix the issue in no time.

Google Pixel 2/2XL - Internet is Slow - What to Do?

More often than not, the problem does not actually have to do with your phone. As such, a good place to start troubleshooting would be your modem/router. Regardless of the culprit, check out the tips and tricks below to improve your internet speed.

Run a Speed Test

Open a browser on your Google Pixel 2/2XL and go to a speed test website of your choice. Run the speed test and check if you are getting the megabits you are paying for. You can also do the same on your tablet or PC to ensure that the problem is not with your smartphone.

Restart Your Router/Modem

If you realize that the culprit is your router or modem, a simple fix is to restart them. Unplug either of the devices, wait for a while, then plug it back in. Most routers and modems have a Power Off button, so you might not even need to unplug.

After you reconnect to the router, run another speed test to see if the restart helped.

Turn Off Your Wi-Fi

A simple way to improve your internet speed is to turn off the Wi-Fi and then turn it back on. Here’s how to do it:

1. Access Quick Settings

Swipe twice from the top of your Home screen to access Quick Settings.

2. Tap the Wi-Fi Icon

This action temporarily turns the Wi-Fi on your Google Pixel 2/2XL off.

3. Wait for a While

Tap on the Wi-Fi icon after a few seconds to reconnect.

If this doesn’t help, resetting the network settings might.

How to Reset Network Settings

Resetting the network settings takes only a few steps and you need your Wi-Fi password to reconnect, so makes sure to remember it before reconnecting.

1. Go to Settings

Tap on the Settings app to launch it, then select System.

2. Hit Advanced

Choose the Reset options under Advanced and tap Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile & Bluetooth.

3. Tap Reset Settings

You might be asked to enter your lock pattern or PIN password.

4. Confirm Your Choice

Tap on Reset Settings one more time to confirm.

5. Reconnect to Your Wi-Fi

Go to the Wi-Fi menu in the Settings app, select your home network, and reconnect to it.

Clear Browser Cache

Your browser keeps search history, cookies, cached images, and passwords. Temporary data builds up quickly and can affect your internet speed. The best way to deal with it is to clear cache.

The following guide uses Chrome, but the steps also apply to other browsers.

1. Tap on the Chrome App

Once you access Chrome, select the three vertical dots (the More menu) and choose Settings.

2. Select Privacy

Tap Clear Browsing Data and select the type of data that you wish to remove. You can also use the Advanced option to set the cache timeframe.

3. Hit Clear Data

That’s all – your Chrome is now cache-free and should run better.

The Final Connection

The methods we’ve listed in this write-up are only some of the ways to deal with slow Internet on your Google Pixel 2/2XL. In addition, you may also consider restarting or updating your smartphone.

Is there a particularly useful trick to speed up the internet on your Pixel 2/2XL that we haven’t included in this article? Let us know in the comments below.

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