Celebrities will now answer your Google questions about them directly

At some point, we just accepted that Google knows everything, despite that being a somewhat risky strategy in a world with so many shades of grey. One of the stranger trends is people asking Google for specific information about public figures – you can see the kind of thing I mean right now by opening a Google tab, and typing “does [celebrity]” and seeing what autofills. Case in point:trump_google_questions

Celebrities will now answer your Google questions about them directly

Probably not the most pressing questions, but I am now wondering whether Donald Trump has tattoos or not – and interestingly Google doesn’t seem to know. And that’s perhaps why it’s now letting celebrities answer questions about themselves straight from the search engine listings.

It’s supposed to be in America only, but it works fine for me, and a quick Google search tells me I’m in London. On mobile, do a search for a celebrity question, and if it’s one that’s in the mix, said celebrity will appear as a video answering your question directly. It’s slightly odd – like they’ve been eavesdropping on your search history, and just couldn’t wait to tell you how you can get hair like them (Priyanka Chopra), that they can sing (Tracee Ellis Ross) or that they can’t play the drums (Will Ferrell).

Google says that alongside the above, the likes of Gina Rodriguez, Kenan Thompson, Allison Williams, Nick Jonas, Mark Wahlberg, James Franco, Seth MacFarlane, Jonathan Yeo and Dominique Ansel have provided answers to curious Googlers’ burning questions. So far though, the president is yet to record one revealing whether or not he has a tattoo, so you may continue to wildly speculate.

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