Google Chromecast 3: New Chromecast released

Google has released a new Google Chromecast.

Google Chromecast 3: New Chromecast released

We were expecting Google to announce the new Chromecast at their October event and while this didn’t happen, the company instead released it on the Google Store at the same time as the event to little fanfare.

Available immediately for £30 in white or black, the new Chromecast brings the same simple-streaming magic to home TVs. But what’s different about it, that would justify buying it instead of any of the older Chromecasts?

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Google Chromecast 3: What’s new?

On the surface, the new Chromecast identical to the second generation Chromecast.

It’s the same size and shape as before, albeit with the Google logo instead of the Chrome logo on it, and still uses micro-USB connection to work. It has no magnetic connector on it that many Chromecast users took issue with, but apart from that it looks the same.

It also still works the same as before it supports full HD (1,920 x 1080), but not 4K (for which you’ll need the Chromecast Ultra).


The big change for the new Chromecast is its home connectivity. It supports Google Assistant, which means you’ll be able to use your voice instead of a smartphone to command it to “play Stranger Things.” (although you can use the Google Home app if you must use a smartphone).

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The catch is that the Chromecast doesn’t have a built-in microphone — you’ll need to connect it to a Google Home device that does in order to use this feature. In its announcement of the Home Hub, Google emphasised the connectivity between different parts of the home, and the new Chromecast seems to be Google’s way of tying the TV into this union.

This makes sense, as an early leak of the new Chromecast on the US Google Store gave buys a discount if they bought it with the Home Hub.

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