How To Fix GoToMyPC When the Keyboard Isn’t Working

GoToMyPC is an easy and safe remote connectivity solution that lets you connect to your device from any other internet-connected device. Unfortunately, this commonly used solution occasionally has keyboard issues.

How To Fix GoToMyPC When the Keyboard Isn't Working

GoToMyPC can be challenging to use if your keyboard isn’t functioning properly. This article offers tips on how to fix GoToMyPC keyboard problems so you can use the program effectively.

Check the Keyboard Connection

Ensure that your keyboard is connected to your device correctly. Firstly, make sure the USB port on the keyboard is connected. A keyboard error will occur if the keyboard isn’t connected to the computer or is inserted improperly into a USB port. In this scenario, the keyboard won’t work and won’t be recognized.

Reinstall the Keyboard Drivers

If your keyboard suddenly stops working, it’s most likely due to outdated keyboard drivers. Often, reinstalling them will solve the issue. The keyboard driver can be reinstalled on your PC using a number of different techniques.

To solve this issue on Windows computers, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click “Start” and select “Device Manager.”
  2. Open the “Keyboards” section, then select your keyboard.
  3. From the menu bar, select “Uninstall Device.”
  4. Click “Uninstall” to accept the confirmation message on the screen.
  5. Reboot your PC.

Your computer will automatically reinstall the keyboard driver after you restart it.

If you’re a Mac user, follow this guide:

  1. Your Mac’s keyboard should be disconnected.
  2. Open “Finder”, select “Go”.
  3. Click “Go to Folder”.
  4. Search “Library.”
  5. Choose all the keyboard driver-related folders and place them in the “Trash.”

  6. Before connecting the keyboard to your Mac, empty the trash.

The keyboard driver will now be reinstalled automatically by the Mac’s “Setup Assistant.”

Reinstall GoToMyPC

The keyboard issue could happen if the GoToMyPC program on your host device becomes corrupt for any reason. GoToMyPC is simple to reinstall.

  1. Go to and log in to your account.
  2. Reinstall GoToMyPC by clicking the “Install GoToMyPC” button.
  3. If your computer appears in the list, select the host device you want to reinstall.
  4. Select “Remove” and then select “OK.”
  5. Click “Add Computer” on the “My Computers” screen, then “Install GoToMyPC.”

Restart the device to see if this solution has fixed your issue.

Additional FAQs

Problems with the client computer

The following advice may help you find a solution when you’re having issues with the client computer.

● Confirm that GoToMyPC connections are not being prevented by the firewall. There must be unrestricted outbound internet access for the g2viewer.exe software.

● Check to see if your operating system is supported.

● Verify that the client PC meets the internet connectivity minimums.

● Reset the connection preferences for GoToMyPC.

● Run the “Connection Wizard” to improve connectivity settings if you receive an error message stating that GoToMyPC can’t create a session.

● If your client computer has a hardware problem, try connecting an alternative device.

Problems with the host computer

You must have GoToMyPC installed and operating on the host computer, which is the device you’re remotely connecting to. You will probably need to be physically present to use the computer to fix GoToMyPC difficulties on the host system. The steps listed below will help fix the issue and enable you to connect to the remote host.

● A host computer restart can fix a variety of problems, including “GoToMyPC” connection problems. If everything else fails, rebooting is always worth a shot.

● To attempt to fix any incorrect connection settings, launch the “GoToMyPC Connection Wizard.”

● Check to make sure the “g2comm.exe” program has complete outbound web access and that your firewall isn’t interfering.

● Verify that the host device satisfies the prerequisites to host a GoToMyPC session.

● Reset the router or modem in charge of the connection.

● Contact your internet service provider to talk about interruptions and lost connections.

GoToMyPC opener not working

It’s possible that the GoToMyPC opener is broken if downloading the software takes a long time. Try some of these methods to fix this problem.

● Your web browser’s cache should be cleared before trying to join the session once more. This enables the browser to ascertain whether it’s set up on the device.

● If you’re unable to start your session because you’re stopped on the opener page, click the “Download & Run” link to force the opener file to download.

● You can manually download and install the “g2minstallerextractor.exe” file by clicking “Download.” Reconnect to the meeting after installation.

● The “GoTo Opener Permissions Fix Tool” is another option.

Running Things Smoothly

Remotely accessing your device can make your job easier and more effective. If you’ve ever had trouble with your GoToMyPC app, such as the keyboard not working, you know how frustrating these problems can be. Fixing the issue allows you to use tools like these more easily.

Have you ever encountered the keyboard not working problem? Was it difficult to fix it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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